Press Start: 4 Gaming Tips for Aspiring Power Users

Press Start: 4 Gaming Tips for Aspiring Power Users

About 70 percent of Americans play video games, it’s one of our favorite hobbies! If you’re reading this, you’re stuck on level one and want to improve.

In this guide, we’re going to give you some fantastic gaming tips that can help you be a better gamer. Ready to learn more and start winning time after time? Read on!

  1. Keep Practicing

If you want to get better at games, you need to keep practicing. The key thing to remember is that practicing doesn’t necessarily mean winning. If you’re winning every game of Modern Warfare, for instance, you’re evidently not playing against skilled enough players.

Make sure that you play against skilled players so that you can improve your skills. This is easier with some games than others. We’d recommend that you take a look at the most popular online games, where you’ll be able to find the stiff competition that you’re looking for.

This is one of the most important tips for gamers: go where the competition is. We would recommend creating a chart of games that you want to practice in order of most active to least active. A tier list is particularly good for this: learn to make your own tier list and get started!

  1. Check Out Videos on Youtube

While practice is vital to improving your skills, it’s far from the only way you can improve. Practicing can reinforce weaker aspects of your game as well as the stronger ones. We’d recommend that you take a look at videos by the best gamers online.

Take a look at how they play and learn their techniques. Learn what they’re doing that’s different from you.

This is how you can overcome weaknesses in your own techniques because we can guarantee that there’s something you’re doing wrong.

  1. Use the Right Gear

Is your gear hobbling your performance? Not all gaming gear is created equal: if you’re using a mouse that cost you $10, you’re not going to do as well as if you were using a dedicated gaming mouse. Similarly, a cheap keyboard will never perform as well as a mechanical one.

Take a look at the gear you’re using: is it up to the task of helping you learn how to be a better gamer? If not, we’d recommend investing in new gear.

This doesn’t apply so much to console gamers due to the lack of third-party peripherals that are better than the stock controllers. Yet if your controllers are getting worn out, don’t be afraid to replace them!

  1. Learn a Range of Roles

If you’re a fan of games with specialized classes, like Overwatch, you should learn how to play different roles. If your favorite hero is taken, you don’t want your performance levels to drop dramatically.

While it’s good to have a specialization, we’d recommend that you learn a few other roles too.

Use These Gaming Tips and Be a Better Gamer

We hope you’ve enjoyed our list of gaming tips. Practice hard, play hard, and you’ll find yourself improving in no time. Good luck!

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Donald Phillips