Reasons Why Web Security Is Critical for Your Business

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As individuals grow increasingly reliant on modern technology, accessibility to a company’s digital presence becomes paramount. Businesses need to do everything possible to ensure that they safeguard their sensitive data from hackers.

This is the primary reason why business website security is essential. You need to keep in mind that your business website is compromised; it can easily cause irreparable damage to your brand reputation.

With the ever-increasing number of website and cyber-attacks, there is need to create secure business websites. Here are some of the top reasons why business website security is essential for any business out there.

Hacking Is More Common than You Think

We can’t deny the fact that hackers have been attacking personal and company websites since the dawn of the internet. As web security becomes more advanced and sophisticated so do their tactics.

The sad thing is that the number of website attacks recorded in recent years continues to grow. For instance, in 2017, Google reported that the number of attempted website attacks rose by 32% from 2016.

Nobody expects this trend to slow down any time soon. Many website owners believe that hacking isn’t going to happen to them, but these statistics show how common these attacks have become.

Instead of taking a back seat and doing nothing, make sure that you work closely with your trusted Canadian website design company to secure your business or personal site against potential hacking attempts.

Your Brand Reputation Is at Stake

Good entrepreneurs understand the fact that there are only a few chances to make a good impression. This is particularly true in the digital world where consumers are bombarded with a lot of information from different businesses every day.

If a potential client visits your website and notices something fishy, they will not return to your site any time soon.

In fact, the damage can even be done before potential customers reach your website since web browsers often warn a user before they enter any potentially infected site. The warning is usually enough to scare away visitors. However, ensuring that your web security is up-to-date eliminates this problem.

Google Blacklists Hacked Sites

Statistics indicate that Google blacklists at least 10,000 suspicious websites each day. You can recognize suspicious websites by seeing a message such as ” This site may harm your computer” in your search results.

Forbes report that most consumers are grateful of such messages and they will stay away from the site. When your business website is blacklisted, it means that search engines are no longer crawling and indexing it.

A blacklisted site may end up losing up to 95% of its organic traffic which can affect revenues. Usually, Google and the other search engines will blacklist a website if it contains something suspicious that may be harmful to visitors such as malware.

Protect Your Customer Data

What happens when you can’t guarantee consumer data protection? Nobody will be willing to be associated with your brand. Today, cases of identity and information theft are on the rise and as a business owner; you need to do everything possible to keep all your clients’ data safe and secure.

Make sure that you implement advanced web security measures to reduce the risk of your business falling victim to data and identity theft.


Donald Phillips