Running a Burger Joint; These Three Cheese Slices Are a Saviour, Hi Melt, Natural Cheddar, Swiss cheese Slices

Running a Burger Joint; These Three Cheese Slices Are a Saviour, Hi Melt, Natural Cheddar, Swiss cheese Slices

A study has found that burgers are becoming more and more popular worldwide. With the increasing popularity of burgers, the number of burger restaurants is also increasing. The competition is getting hyped up and because of that running a successful burger joint has become difficult.

With so many restaurants offering the same dish, it is not easy to stand out and survive. To be the number one burger joint, you have to serve the best to customers.

When it comes to the best burger, cheese is the key. One of the main ingredients inaburger is the cheese,so we can say that a good cheese makes a good burger. The sliced cheese used defines the quality of the burger. If you go wrong with the selection of cheese, your burger will be ruined.

Here are the three best cheese slices for burgerthat will make your burger extremely gooey and delicious,and by using these in your burgers, you will never go wrong.

Hi Melt Cheese

Hi Melt cheese is the best American processed cheese essential to make amazing burgers. It is a versatile cheese with a high melting texture, which makes it perfect cheese to use on burgers.

This American-style burger cheese slice is specially designed to maintain integrity when heated with creamy and rich texture. They have a cheddar like, mild flavour with yellow to orange colouring. The best part of Hi Melt cheese is that it maintains its appearance on hot food. Pure Dairy Hi Melt cheese is the number one choice of burger specialists in Australia. If you are not one of them, contact Pure Dairy and start using Hi Melt cheese in your burgers.

Natural Cheddar

Natural Cheddar slices are the slices cut from the block of cheddar cheese. They have mild cheddar flavour and are perfect for those who don’t prefer processed cheese.It doesn’t contain artificial flavouring

These 100% natural cheese slices made from fresh cow milk adds delicious flavours to your favourite burger. Natural Cheddar Cheese slice will take your burger to the next level.Not too mild, not too sharp, Pure Dairy Natural Cheddar cheese brings just enough bite to wake up your taste buds.

Swiss cheese Slices

The most popular option behind American cheese and Natural cheddar slice are Swiss cheese slices.Swiss cheeses have a complex flavour and a lot of moisture that helps it melts really well, making it one of the best slices for burgers.

Swiss cheese is also a natural cheese which is not processed. This cheese will add sophistication to your menu with the smooth and nutty flavour. Swiss cheese is also a cheaper alternative to Gruyere.

Hi Melt, Natural Cheddar, Swiss cheese Slices aresaviours if you are running a burger joint. The distinct flavour of each of the slices will give your burger an incredible taste.For more information, you reach The Burger Cheese at +61 3 9939 4000 or via email at

Clare Louise