Should you add ghee to your roti? 

Should you add ghee to your roti? 


Ghee on roti has been a major requirement for people in Indian household. If you are piping a ghee on hot chapati, be sure that it is one of the most delicious dishes you can ever try. Ghee on roti is mostly popular around people of North India. Honestly, this is a ritual for people on the north. However, just because it is like a ritual does not mean you should brush a jar full of ghee on your roti. Make delicious rotis in our product, Rotimatic

If you are adding ghee to the roti, you can eventually enjoy a number of benefits. Not only roti, ghee is used on a number of Indian dishes. Most people think that deleting ghee from the food can eventually be extremely beneficial. But is it so? Well, not mostly because ghee can play an important role in lowering the glycemic index of the entire food thereby helping you lose weight. If the glycemic index of the food is balanced, it can eventually be helpful in the long run. 

So, if your mother or grandmother asks you to add ghee to your roti and you deny it, please don’t do that. But then again, you need to be careful with the amount of ghee you add to your roti. Emphasizing on the amount of roti can eventually be of great help thereby contributing towards weight loss. 

Full Feeling

Applying ghee on your roti and then consuming it can play an important role in enhancing the overall full feeling. Experts believe that with low glycemic index, consuming ghee roti can help you stay full for a longer time. Also, if you apply ghee and keep the roti packed in your tiffin, the roti can stay soft for a long time. 

Every nutritionist recommends to consume roti with some ghee on it. Ghee can help you attain the daily recommendation of saturated fats if applied properly on your meal. Also, ghee roti can play an important role in enhancing the digestion power. 

Replacing with refined oils

One of the biggest mistakes that people make is replacing ghee with refined oil. A number of people do not like the smell of ghee, which is why they use refined oil instead of ghee. While you may feel it to enriching, it is not. Also, comparatively refined oil is unhealthy. Ghee is enriched with all the fat soluble vitamins which plays an important role in enhancing the taste. It also contains healthy cholesterols which balances the hormones. Also, the high heat point of ghee will eventually lower the risk of cell damage. 

Addition of ghee on your roti can be extremely beneficial for preventing a number of health disorders such as diabetes and high blood pressure. The lack of free radicals will eventually play an important role in enhancing the overall impact. 

Many Bollywood stars have also been consuming ghee. If you take a look at the greater picture you will eventually be able to determine that most of the celebrities have sworn by the benefits of ghee. 

Rotimatic reviews have often talked about different ways through which you can make roti. However, once the roti is made you may apply ghee on it and consume it hot. 

Sheri Croll