Sirio Berati: Montreal Visual Artist introduces us to his Magical world of Digital Manipulation

Sirio Berati: Montreal Visual Artist introduces us to his Magical world of Digital Manipulation

Sirio Berati is an Albanian born photographer who is also studying law in Canada. He is a Montreal digital artist who is specialized in digital art and portrait photography. Sirio has successfully manipulated and created Game of Thrones photos without watching a single episode of the series. It took him 10 hours to complete the entire manipulation, such is the talent of Sirio Berati.

Sirio is also trying to get published in vogue magazine. He is planning to start a vogue project with other designers, artists, and models. They have decided to hold a photo shoot for Vogue on fashion in Met Gala with other Albanian photographer and Canadian photographer. Met Gala is one of the biggest fashion events where singers, models, and celebrities dress according to a particular theme.


  • Sirio collaborates with people who have the courage, to criticize and are able, to put forth new ideas.
  • He likes people who respect artists and spend time to communicate with the photographer.
  • According to him, communication between a photographer and model is essential to get great pictures.


  • His manipulations of Game of Thrones earned him 27k followers.
  • Many young Albanian photographers and Canadian photographers are looking forward to collaborating with him.
  • In Ambigu, he only displayed his digital art pictures. Near Cause, the exhibition held in England was of a different kind. Not only the exhibition displayed Montreal Digital Artist photography but also displayed sculptures, videos, and paintings.

He is working on his YouTube channel to share his views, experience, and skills to the people who are interested in learning the art and the skills of photography. He also has projects for Albania to encourage more youngsters to become photographers. Other Albanian photographer and Canadian photographer who are interested to learn more about digital art can benefit from this.


  • His work is inspired by Ian Macarthur. Sirio displayed his culture through his photographs.
  • Horror and thriller movies and other cinematic also inspired him with the concept of color. Philosophy and other artists helped him to refine his imagination skills.

He uses different natural elements and scenes to create a pleasant picture. He believes beautiful pictures can make someone wonder. Sirio being a Montreal digital artist, is one of the few photographers from Albania. He plans to bring the passion of photography to his country through his projects.


Danny White