Sloth facts for kids

Sloth facts for kids


Kids tend to start learning things way before we expect. This is the primary reason why it is important to ensure that you take the time out to make them understand some of the important facts and teach them something new every single day.

Irrespective of whether they understand or not, it is important and necessary that you keep the prospects of necessary essentials ready to teach your kids. Start early and don’t delay because you never know when they’ll start learning things.

Sloths are a very interesting species of animal that is important to teach the kids about. Majority of the people tend to have the misconception that they are the laziest species of animals with no good coming out of them. That is not the case at all, they are actually quite interesting and do bring about amazing knowledge for impart to the kids.

If you are wondering what sloths are important to have fun learning, we have some important facts to help you understand.

Facts about sloths

Not just for your kids, even if you are the one excited to know more about the sloths and the kind of life they lead, we have listed out some of the best ones for you to look into.

  • Sloths are considered to be a medium sized mammal which is subdivided into two important categories – one which is two toed and the other one is three toed. Additionally, they have also been found to be classified into six different species that many aren’t even aware of.
  • They are predominantly tree dwelling mammals which are native to the jungles of both the Central as well as the South America.
  • Sloths tend to rely on the tree buds, shoots, leaves and even the fruits that grow on the trees around in the jungle. Some species of the two toed sloths are also dependent on some of the insects and reptiles for their nutrition.
  • The sloths have the capability of extending their tongue around 10-12 inches out of their mouth with ease.
  • Sloths tend to stay on the trees for the majority of the week and only get down to excrete and that too once in a week or so.
  • The two toed sloths are often nocturnal as well.
  • Sloths sleep for 10 hours a day and that too for an extended time period.
  • Sloths live up to 10-15 years in the wild but can live up to 30 years in captivity.

These are some of the facts about sloths that your kids can grow up learning.

Danny White