Smartest Details for the Best Playground Maintenance

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Located in the Center region, we intervene quickly throughout the country to maintain your artificial turf. You are a community or an individual, owner of a sport covering, big games, tennis court, multisport, or a field of approval our teams of professionals will bring you the best advices in order to optimize the qualities and the duration of your artificial turf. Synthetic turf has been booming in sports and landscaping for around twenty years. Long sold as a product without maintenance, it is however essential to carry out regular interventions. Indeed, these allow you to preserve the characteristics of your product durably. The artificial turf is in perpetual evolution enriched by new innovations. We put at your service, our technical support, our experience and our professionalism.

Recommendations on the type of lawn to select, recommendations on the technical characteristics to promote, advice on methods, frequency and key moments of maintenance of land . The expert provides expertise throughout its intervention and accompanies its customers in the duration at all stages of a project. For the 먹튀검증 of the playground this is important.


On the ground for more than 20 years,the expert knows the national and international synthetic turf manufacturers, their products and the different laying techniques. Every year, as true experts, the expert’s employees place more than 20 artificial grass references throughout France.

Maintenance & repair

The progression in recent years from the implementation of a synthetic coating to the benefit of the natural can be explained by an ever more intense and independent sporting weather conditions. Therefore, a lot must be monitored daily and maintained at regular intervals to better preserve its game characteristics. This interview requires working closely with the owner, the club, the players and our specialized teams. We will differentiate maintenance that must be regular, provided by the owner and users and maintenance that will be performed by our technicians.

Regularly and correctly maintaining a synthetic turf sports field considerably increases its life, flexibility and playability. An annual intervention to carry out repairs and refilling is recommended, in addition to regular brushing.

  • The sports season is coming to an end. Athletes will take the path of the holidays after a sometimes long and complicated season.
  • On the other hand, the gardeners of sports fields will pamper the lawns to provide quality plant surfaces for the resumption of the season next July.

For that:

Cut your watering for your regeneration work; this will also have an impact on annual bluegrass control: Defeat your land in cross passage. Restore your lawns with a 3 RGA mix with or without Kentucky bluegrass. Fertilize your lawn. Follow the irrigation carefully.

  • You can also use grass seeds with bacteria to help germinate and develop the plant.
  • Take advantage of this period of truce and repair to maintain your mowers and sharpen your helical cuts.
  • Stay tuned for any disease outbreaks at this time of year.
  • Be careful with the pigeons that peck the seeds after sowing or very tender sprouts.


Donald Phillips