Smartest Options to Use Turbines

Smartest Options to Use Turbines

Selection of components of the functional elements for a wind power installation is made according to the rated power value. In this case, the role and the nominal wind speed, the values ​​at which the wind generator produces the calculated amount of electrical energy.

Household wind turbine

If the installation produces maximum power at a wind speed of 11 m / s and the average in your area reaches 4.5 m / s, the windmill will not produce the amount of energy declared by the manufacturer. Attention should also be paid to the fact that the power of the wind generator depends on the diameter of the wheel formed by the blades. If you increase the size of 2 times the wind turbine at the same wind speed will produce 4 times more electricity.

Also important is the capacity of the batteries. In the case of calm, they should have enough energy to provide a home.

Installation of a wind turbine

It is better to entrust the installation of a private windmill mini-power plant to a company that specializes in this type of work. The main goal is to provide maximum security. The overall design of the windmill must guarantee stability even in the case of extreme weather conditions.

Low-power models of GIGA Turbines with light low masts can be installed independently. The central support must be mounted on a reinforced concrete foundation. For lateral stability of the design use 3-4 stretch marks.

Approximate prices and payback wind turbines

The popularity of wind turbines is growing every day. They are profitable to equip large and expensive cottages, the content of which requires a lot of electrical energy.

It is advisable to install wind turbines in settlements where there is no centralized power supply or the power supply is made with constant interruptions.

It is in such cases that wind turbines will come to the rescue, the use of which has several advantages:

  • transformation of the energy of the air flow into free electricity;
  • environmental safety of wind turbines;
  • lack of raw materials and waste in the production of electricity;
  • minimal wear of functional parts;
  • long service life – 25-30 years;

There is no need to constantly monitor the operation of the wind farm.

The disadvantages include the variability and unpredictability of wind power. In order to minimize losses, source duplication is necessary, or installation of an additional buffer for energy storage is needed. Also, a rotating wind wheel poses a potential threat to flying birds.

Power station for home

Wind power plants create noise comparable to the noise of vehicles when driving at a speed of about 70 km / h. The increased noise level not only scares away animals, but also causes discomfort to people.

Another significant disadvantage of wind turbines for residential use is the high cost. These bulky structures are made of expensive materials, complete with a controller, batteries, an inverter unit and a mast.

It should be noted that domestic wind turbines from Russian manufacturers, as well as high-quality wind turbines manufactured in China, are much cheaper than European counterparts. The cost of domestic wind turbines with a vertical axis with a rated power of up to 2 kW varies in the range of $ 1300-2500.

Donald Phillips