Some of the Most Outrageous Raffle Prizes Ever

Some of the Most Outrageous Raffle Prizes Ever

While it might be a little surprising to win a spider catcher as one of the golf tournament raffle prizes at your dad’s country club, it still wouldn’t be as strange as some awards throughout the world. Granted, you may have to give a little due to different cultural norms, but even allowing that, some of these take weird to a whole new meaning. Take a look at this list of some of the strangest raffle prizes you’ve never heard of.


One lucky raffle winner in the 1909 World’s Fair one an orphan named Ernest. A little over a hundred years later, To Hatch held a lottery in the U.K. to give monthly prizes of in vitro fertilization treatments worth £25,000 to a winning couple. They would also win a luxury hotel stay before the procedure, along with a chauffer-driven car ride to the clinic. If the effort was unsuccessful, the couple could receive reproductive surgery, donor eggs or a surrogate birth, which is quite a return on investment for a £20 ticket.

Breast Implants

This is one where you’ll have to put on your diplomat’s hat. In Venezuela, where plastic surgery is very popular and common, breast implants were the raffle prize in a 2010 political fundraiser. Gustavo Rojas was running for a National Assembly position and offered the implants as a way to fund his campaign. When Reuters asked him if he was worried about backlash from the female constituents, he replied that just like a T.V. prize in a raffle, some people would like it, and some wouldn’t.

Smith & Wesson AR-15

At first glance, this particular raffle prize may not seem that outrageous to some who are gun enthusiasts. But it is the reason for the raffle that brings to mind the question of “Does the end justify the means?” In a display of spectacular poor taste and insensitivity to the families of victims, this gun was the prize in a raffle to raise money for the victims of the Orlando mass shooting in 2016. Oh, did you catch that it was the same gun used to kill the victims?


When Doug and Sally Beitz decided to sell their island resort, Kosrae, they took a different track than the obvious. They held a raffle for the resort on an island near Papua New Guinea. For just AU$49, a man known only as Joshua won the 16-room resort along with a four-bedroom residence for the owner, a pick-up truck, five cars, and two ten-seater vans.

Sheri Croll