Storage problem

Storage problem

The storage problem is a hectic problem when it comes to shifting to a new place. The new place can be an office, or it can be a new apartment or even a home. The problem arises because no one wants to give up their things, but they also can not throw them away. So it creates a dilemma in the minds of people so when they cannot decide what to do or when they cannot find any options, then they opt for either giving up their possessions or stacking everything in the new place.

The storage facility in Thailand

The problem of storage is a global problem; more or less every country is facing it. Now to solve the problem of storage in Thailand i-store self-storage Company has made a storage unit facility for its people. The facility is in CBD Bangkok; it will provide better access to all the citizens around Bangkok. The facility is provided with 24 hours guards, 24 hours CCTV surveillance, and each of the storage units has its fire detector and all. The company is providing its customers with wine storage, office storage, personal storage but their most unique facility is box storage.

Box storage and its advantages

In terms of box stores, the customers’ just need to call the employees of i-store self-storage, then pack their boxes which will be provided by the company and which will be custom made, blue highly durable and the employees then will pick the boxes up from the doors of the customers itself. The employees will store the boxes in the CBD units, and whenever the customers need it, the employees will return it to the doorsteps of the customers. The biggest advantage of this service is that it is very cheap but at the same time most safe when it comes to storing your valuables. The company takes full responsibility for your boxes and valuables. This it provides custom made locks alongside those boxes.

If you are in Bangkok, Thailand and want to solve your storage issue then do not waste any more time, contact i-store self-storage and store in a box store.