Tabbouli, How To Make Tasty Tabbouli

Tabbouli, How To Make Tasty Tabbouli


How to make the best Tabbouli :

Nowadays,there is no limit to cooking ,and many different foods ,snacks ,salads and sweets from various countries have made their way to other countries and have become even more popular.  one of these foods ,which is specific to the Middle East region,is known as Tabbouli ,follow along with us to review how to make this Lebanese dish .

Tabbouli is one of the most famous foods in Middle East,especially in Arab world such as Lebanon. This delectable snack is actually made from two main ingredients,parsley and wheat bulgur . You can make this dish at home and serve it with hummus or you can with pita sandwiches or serve it alone with food if you like . Making this delectable meal is very simple and it takes no time . There is only half an hour between you and a pan full of glamorous Tabbouli .

If you enjoy tasting international food and snack ,I suggest you join us in the process of preparing this Arabic dish .


1/2 cup wheat bulgur

4 cups chopped parsley

1/2 cup chopped mint

6 psc scallions (sliced)

1 cup of fresh lemon juice

Half a cup olive oil

Garlic (optional)

4 psc hard and ripe and chopped tomatoes

1 teaspoon salt

1 teaspoon black pepper



In a small bowl pour a cup of boiling water over the bulgur . Cover the bowl with a towel and set aside until the bulgur is soft . This step takes approximately twenty minutes.

Do not forget that along with other vegetables used in this salad ,you can also use broccoli or cucumbers.  just add a cup of cucumbers or broccoli to your salad .

After 20 minutes,pour the bulgur into the colander and allow to drain . Then fold it on a pepper towel and set aside to dry completely.  You can also cook some quinoa and add it to the bulgur . This will help make your salad gluten free .

Now transfer bulgur and the desired vegetables (except tomatoes) into a large bowl and mix well . Then pour the lemon juice over the salad . You have note that before adding all the lemon juice ,measure the sourness of your salad . The amount lemon juice depends on your taste . Finally add the olive oil,pepper and salt the stir well . Taste your salad again to change the seasoning depend on your taste.

Garlic is another ingredient you can add to your salad . Chop a few fresh garlic or sheets and add to salad . This is completely optional . Now ,it is time to add tomatoes,be careful to stir the salad slowly after adding the tomatoes so that the tomatoes are not crushed and thawed .

Finally cover the salad pan and refrigerated it for half an hour.; thus will helps for the flavors and make the salad more enjoyable to serve . To serve ,you can open a leaf of lettuce on a plate and sprinkle salad on it ,along with hummus.

The above materials is suitable for seven people .Hope you make it and enjoy this popular Middle Eastern salad . Enjoy your meal .

Notes for tasty Tabbouli :

Make it gluten free :bulgur is not gluten free (it’s cracked wheat ). Substitute quinoa for an untraditional gluten-free option . You’ll use the same amount uncooked quinoa ,or 1 1/2 cups cooked leftover quinoa .

Tomato note: use the most ripe and red tomatoes you can find . If you’re thus salad when tomatoes aren’t in season,cherry tomatoes might be your best bet .

Tabbouli Serving Suggestions:

Tabbouli is typically served chilled or at room temperature . It’s a perfect side dish or salad to offer with Mediterranean/Middle Eastern  meals .Here are a few suggestions:

Dips and spreads : Creamy hummus ,Baba Ghanoush ,Tzatziki.Tahink Sauce ,crispy baked Falafel , Fattoush Salad with mint dressing , Mujaddara (lentils and rice with caramelized onions), Dukkah with bread and olive oil.

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