The Best Times to Take Your Engagement Announcement Pictures

Planning the perfect way to announce your engagement can be a daunting and stressful time, especially on top of everything else while planning a wedding. There are so many different options and opportunities and it is all so incredibly overwhelming – which is something a bride or a groom does not need to be experiencing when planning their big day. Creating an engagement announcement photoshoot should be a fun and sentimental time, something you and your partner should relish and enjoy in. With this in mind, this article will help instruct and guide you through the process of picking the best seasons for your engagement announcement pictures. It is highly recommended that you and your other half should only wait until two or three months after your engagement to take your pictures or even less time than that.

This is because photographers are very busy people and it is best to book them in advance. This also applies to the location that you are choosing to shoot in, if it is private and requires permission and booking in advance. The sooner you take the pictures the better as the happy and thrilling emotions from your engagement will still be fresh in your mind and these will make for great pictures. It is also recommended that you wait at least six months before your actual wedding as this will give the photographers time to process, edit and print the pictures to the best of their ability and to unlock the real potential of the photographs.


Summer engagement photographs can be some of the best looking photographs out there. The weather is usually at its peak and this means it will be on your side. Other pros would include low chances of rain or clouds, which will make a really depressing and dark photograph. Summer photographs are also the best season for any kind of natural photograph, such as for places on the beach or in fields. Taking your engagement announcement in summer also makes for some really serene and great sunset photographs as well.


Spring is usually the most popular season of the year to take engagement announcement photographs. While it is not yet summer, the weather is losing the frosty bite of winter and the days are getting longer. It is before the big wedding season in summer wherein all of the best and even some of the worst photographers will be buried up to their eyeballs in wedding commissions. Trees and flowers are coming alive and blooming beautifully after winter and this makes for some beautiful scenery. It also means you can wear whatever you want, from jeans to skirts – no need to layer up!


Being surrounded by falling leaves and explosions of colours can be gorgeous and make some beautiful engagement photos. This time is one of the optimum times for photography of all kinds, but especially for engagements.


A winter wonderland can make an amazing photoshoot and this time will be good for wedding photographers as they have just finished up a busy season. There are also no worries about harsh lighting conditions and there are plenty of wonderous places to shoot in.

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