The best tour to be done in UAE

UAE is a country that is full of places which are the best tourist attraction. You can take any place of UAE and you will see that place being the major tourist attraction among people. UAE consists of seven emirates and each emirate has special importance in UAE. Each emirate is very popular. The people and the Government of Dubai have worked day and night to bring it to a place it is today. If you are planning to visit UAE then there are seven city tours that you can do. But the question is that which tour is the best and unique one that should be done first? The answer to this question is Al Ain City Tour. Do you know about it? If not then read the details below to know everything regarding the city of Al Ain and the Al Ain Tour.

The green city of UAE:

Do you know that the city of Al Ain is called the green city of UAE? This city is not as much popular as Abu Dhabi but is a very unique and beautiful attracting city in UAE. You will be amazed after seeing the beauty of this city. Once you enter this city all you can see is greenery everywhere. People have worked very hard to maintain this greenery. Now to see that greenery you have to book your deal for Al Ain City Tour. But before booking the deal for it you should know about that tour and the places that should be visited on that tour.

Know about Al Ain City Tour:

This tour of the UAE is the most unique tour of the UAE. If you chose the Al Ain city tour then you have made the correct decision. It is a kind of tour which can give you the fun of seeing two things. One is the modern lifestyle here and the second thing is the greenery here. People who live here are blessed to see the combination of these two things every day. Have you ever thought what are the places that should be visited on this tour? Let me tell you about the places that are a must visit in your Al Ain Tour.


Must visit places in the Al Ain City Tour:

If we talk about the places that should be visited on this tour then there is a list of these places. But let me tell you about the main places that should be visited on this tour.

Al Ain Palace Museum:

This place showcases the lifestyle of how the king and his family used to live. If you are interested in seeing it then a visit to this place in your Al Ain Tour is a must.

Al Ain Zoo:

It is a very huge zoo that is found here in the city of Al Ain. You can see the most unique kind of wild animals here.

Al Ain shopping mall:

This is a very huge and beautiful shopping mall having a whole lot of variety. For the shopaholics, it is the best place to visit in theirAl Ain city Tour.

Camel Market:

A huge market of camels can be found here in the city of Al Ain. It is a must visit.

Al Jahili Fort:

This fort showcases the old culture of Al Ain and is a must visit for people who are interested in knowing the history of places.

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