The Best Way to Make Coffee Tastier?

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Are you bored taking the same type of coffee every day, the combo of cream and coffee? You can try out these unexpected add-ins to make different coffee. The same old combo of cream and coffee or adding some sugar on the coffee make an espresso shot. So, let’s try some unexpected things to add to the cup of the coffee and make it taste great and taste different:

  • Butter

Adding butter on your coffee might sound as if it is going to be a disaster, but wait, the combination of cream and bitterness works great in your PureGusto Coffee. But look to it that you don’t overdo the butter. Half teaspoon of butter will be great for your coffee, and it will give it a nice new flavor.

  • Salt

Ever tried salty dark delicious chocolate? If you’re a fan of that, you’re sure to love some lightly salted coffee. While it may not be the most prominent addition to your morning meal tipple, salt adds a whole new measurement to the preference. If you’re squeamish regarding mixing it in, include a sprinkle or two to your coffee grinds before brewing.

  • Ice Cream

An affogato is an inside story of vanilla ice cream with a shot of coffee poured over the top. The common selection takes about two minutes to prepare as well as also much less time to consume down. For a weekday handle this Italian standard, why not include a little ice cream to your Americano or filter coffee? The abundant, creaminess of the inside story will include all the sweet taste you might perhaps require. Plus, it’ll cool a warm piping cup so you can consume it today.

  • Honey

Are you looking for a healthy and balanced alternative to cream or sugar? You might just have located it. Honey is jam-packed loaded with natural sweet taste as well as power. Spanish lattes typically include honey, milk and a shot or more of coffee.