The Changing Phases Of The Earth

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The earth is believed to have evolved billions of years ago. The first evidence of living organisms known to exist back then was a group of bacteria called cyanobacteria. These organisms were speculated to have risen from enigmatic macromolecule and intriguing environmental factors, which were prevalent in primitive earth.

These microorganisms gradually evolved into macroorganisms and these organisms led to even more complex life forms. The earth was desolate and devoid of life on land for a long time. However, things changed quite quickly as life exploded on to the scene, with strange organisms and unfamiliar plants. Eventually, the era of dinosaurs came into existence, followed by that of the mammals, and finally, the homo sapiens.

Primitive homo sapiens lived in colonies and hunted animals for their food. Also, they started developing the tools and techniques required for that particular lifestyle. They gradually moved from their hunter-gatherer lifestyle and settled down with the advent of agriculture.

With the advent of science and technology, the entire face of the earth changed. The trees were replaced with industries, the forests were replaced with towns and cities, everything became so easy and handy with the technological advancements. Though technology made everything efficient and convenient, it also negatively impacted the environment.

The forests were being depleted at a rapid rate for land and raw materials. Animals are hunted for hides and skin, eventually becoming endangered. The ecological balance was affected and it posses some serious repercussions for the future. The invention of automobiles has led to an increase in air pollution. Consequently, the earth’s temperature has risen drastically and its effects are seen through various forms – such as melting icecaps and frequent climatic devastations.

To redeem the aeons of destruction of the environment, we would need to NCERT Class 10 Science Solutions air pollution, noise pollution, and deforestation. It is we who should make the first move. We need to bring back the natural beauty that existed millions of years ago. Only then the earth would be a better place for future generations to live.

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