The evolution of agricultural tires to enrich your farming

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A global market leading tire manufacturers are focus constantly on innovating the tire and wheel in agricultural tires to enrich the methods of farming naturally. They are working to provide the best all-rounder in productivity with the range of tires in tractors.

For a farmer field and tractor is the legacy to make farming on land that needs innovative strength and quality to work much better. An experienced farmer will know the immense on tractor tires is the incidence of under-inflation in tires. Here the tips to choose the best tractor tires for farming.

Exploring the idea from tire study to know the best tire for farming

There are different types of tractors are used in farming due to their purpose of usage and choosing the best tire in the right size for the required tire can make a new or break the deals. Before choosing the best tire looks for the thread size in your tractor and common, non-common styles in the tires for your required purpose

Best agricultural tires

Typical Agricultural style tires are available in standard and non-standard styles in the market, it may help to get the job done else making a step more effects to be bargained for the job to get done.

R-1: standard tractor tire to perform on mud, dirt and traction fields.

Aggressive agricultural tires – design to perform on wet areas application as deep mud, slick clay, manure pits, and plowings fields. Plan to use this tire on vast land avoid to use in small farms and homesteads.

Row Cropping – Specially designed to work on row cropping with the upgrade conventional in R-1 tire but it has high angle variant of 45 degrees in tread lug. An additional feature of this tire will only be applicable to row cropping, and the skinny tire helps to fits between the plants and rows.

Bogging tire – R-2, especially this tire are designed to reign in rice paddies and bogs.

Grass friendly tire – refer as turf tires, it helps to traction on land without tearing the lawn. It helps to provide better floatation in the field in a better manner than compared to other tires.

Commercial Tires –R-4 is the great compromise tire to work on the agricultural field. R-1 is referred to as the industrial and commercial tread. R-4 tends to work on deep digging, doesn’t make pavement in a road, and offer excellent traction without being aggressive on land.

What are the purposes to consider before buying a tire for agricultural use?

Make your decision towards buying a tire for tractor, consider the listed purpose and also bead and maintenance for your tractor and make a smart choice among the different products.

Compaction – assure the tire pressure and better distribution of weight in tractor characteristic, it helps to be stable on the field and also it improves fuel efficiency.

Traction – Slipping and sliding in the tractor tread will help to keep safe and comfortable in the field, choose the tighten grip on the tire to contact the smooth ride with maximized horsepower.


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