The Grand Wedding Buffet and its Planning

The Grand Wedding Buffet and its Planning

A wedding is not a wedding without food. Especially for the people who attend the wedding just for the food, like me! It is true when they say, “food is the way to the heart.” Make that naan crisp and masaala strong to win over all of the guests. Surprisingly it is not even difficult to master this service; all thanks to the wedding caterers!

If your wedding is in the Garden City of India then we have trusted wedding caterers for you! You just have to go to the official website of Shaadidukaan and then click on the menu and select ‘Vendors’. Further, you have to select wedding caterers and then select your city and area; you will find multiple vendors ready to serve you. It is that easy.

Types of Services Available

  • Fruit Counters-This is a snack counter where people are served fresh tropical and exotic fruits. This is mainly targeted for the people having fasts and the people who are interested in a healthy diet.
  • Bartenders-Drinks have become a common thing in weddings, making a bar must on the menu. Cocktails, mocktails and light drinks keep the buzz alive. And the wedding which has a non vegetarian serving calls for an alcohol zone.
  • Sweet Vendors-This is usually the highlight of the wedding food because honestly who doesn’t have a sweet tooth? This counter is usually attached to the main course and also has a separate ice cream parlor near the snack counter.
  • Vegetarian Counter-This is the vegetarian counter which consists of all the vegetarian main course dishes. In India, vegetarian is a cuisine which consists of cooked fruits and vegetables, leaving behind the egg, meat or any kind of sea-food.
  • Non-Vegetarian Counter-This is the counter which consists of all the non-vegetarian main course dishes. In India, non-vegetarian food usually consists of eggs, chicken, mutton and sea-food cooked with few vegetables.
  • Paan Counter-After the guests are done eating the food and desserts; they go for a sweet paan. Hence, having a paan counter with paan, mouth fresheners and sweet & sour candies can be very beneficial.

Things to Remember Before Booking a Caterer

  • Cuisine-These days the wedding caterers provide a multi-cuisine menu, from Italian to Mexican to Indian cuisine, etc. This is really beneficial for the Indians because our wedding ceremonies last for at least a week, and repeating the same food is a big no-no. So before booking your caterer, make sure you talk the menu out.
  • Flexibility-Before booking the caterer make sure that the caterer is not that rigid when it comes to providing the service. Usually, there can be a shortage for food or a sudden need of food, and then you’ll have to ask the caterer to help out at the end moment. Discuss all these unforeseen situations beforehand.
  • Food Tasting-This is a very important factor because you don’t want your money to go waste in your wedding. What is the point of having loads of cuisines when they don’t taste good? So, taste the food before making the payment and confirming the caterer.
  • Quality-After the food tasting, you must ensure that the food will be of good quality. Do not forget to ask the vendor which all products they will use to make the food. And if any extra investment is required then do not fret about it because if one thing goes foul in the cooking then hundreds of guests can be affected.
  • Liquor License-If you are planning to have an open bar on your wedding or any pre or post-wedding celebration then please make sure that the caterer has a liquor license. It can help you to have a smooth experience without any illegal acts on your wedding day.
  • Beverage Lounge-All the non-alcoholic people will require beverages at the wedding. Beverages can be served to the waiting or the eating guests by the waiters. This provides a special impact on the guests and also fills them up.

Before tying the knot make sure that you go through these tips! And if you are looking for wedding caterers in Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai or any metropolitan city then you should definitely visit our website for trustworthy professional vendors.


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