The New Sonic Movie Trailer is Out with Much Controversy

The New Sonic Movie Trailer is Out with Much Controversy

Laugh, scream, roar. That is the purpose of the Sonic The Hedgehog film to come. Today Paramount Pictures has released the first trailer of the famous game character that comes to life on the silver screen.

As tough and naughty as Sonic is in the games, he will also be featured in the film. This is a live-action film, which means something like a combination of CGI with real images.

The Jim Carry Show

You have to be a fan of Jim Carrey and his crazy faces, because the actor has with his role as Dr. Ivo Robotnik has a prominent presence in Sonic The Hedgehog. Whether the film is going to flop or is going to be a success remains to be seen. The trailer on YouTube was received mixed. At the time of writing, the video has almost as many likes as dislikes.

In addition to Jim Carrey, Neal McDonough, Tika Sumpter and Adam Pally can also be seen in the film. Sonic The Hedgehog appears in the cinema this fall. You check the trailer below.

The Final Presentation

Sonic receives its own full-length film. We have known this since the end of 2018. Fans were wildly enthusiastic at first , but the joy was short-lived. In the first images of the live-action film , the blue porcupine was presented with smaller eyes than normal and red Nike shoes. His white gloves had also become his coat.

Some spoke of “a nightmare”, others of “an April 1 joke”. The recent trailer, in which actor Jim Carrey clearly made fun of the whole concept, was also not a good advertisement for the Sonic Movie.


Fortunately for the diehards, the Paramount film studio listened: Sonic, which we saw in the trailer and in the first images, receives a redesign . Perhaps they feared that the film, which will be called Sonic the Hedgehog, will become a financial flop.

The news about the redesign was announced on Twitter by Sonic the Hedgehog director Jeff Fowler. What exactly he will change about the character is unclear for the time being. Perhaps the appearance of the new live action Sonic will be closer to Sonic that we know from the classic games from the 90s. A lot of fans are no doubt in favor of big green eyes, big ears and short legs.

All hands on deck

It is understandable that the producers have opted for a redesign, but it is very uncommon for a CGI character to be radically changed so late in a film’s production process. The producers will have to give Sonic a new look for the entire film. The release date of Sonic the Hedgehog movie is scheduled for November 2019.

So they have about half a year to do that mountain of work. This news about the redesign also implies that Paramount must stop promoting the film for the time being, because they cannot show Sonic in its current form. Paramount will therefore have to look for other means and marketing strategies to promote Sonic the Hedgehog .

This breaking news about the redesign

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