The Surprising Things You Can Clean With A Pressure Washer


While most of us will use the pressure washer to clean away the stubborn dirt and grime that builds on the exterior of our homes, it may be surprising to hear that this type of equipment can be extremely useful in cleaning other areas and items all around your property.

Power Washing Londonberry is something that needs to be done delicately due to the force of the water being expelled in order to complete the task of cleaning the item that is being washed. So it’s important to consider whether or not a pressure washer can damage the thing you’re pointing it towards first. Most pressure washers can be adjusted for force and velocity but they all have the capability to expelling water with some serious pressure.

That’s why you must never use a power washer indoors. This goes for your home, your garage, any sort of barn or shed, never indoors. This equipment shoots out multiple gallons of water in an extremely short period of time and that can make for a real mess with indoor use.

With that said, here are the many different uses that a home pressure washer is suitable for around your home.

The Driveway

Gravel driveways are not included for obvious reasons, but a paved driveway would do well to have a pressure washer clean away all of the dirt, oils, even weeds that crop up between the cracks. You can adjust the stream on your machine to get at the things you need to clear away and with the versatility of most nozzles, you should be able to make that driveway shine.

Front Walk and Steps

This area of the home is often the first thing guests and visitors see when they arrive. You want to make sure this entry point into the house is always looking its best, so grab a pressure washer and clear out all of that dirt and dust before everyone shows up to your home. You’ll be glad you took this opportunity to beautify the front stoop for improved curb appeal.

The Patio

Your patio is one of the most popular parts of the home both for you and your family and your guests as well as dirt, grime, and other soot and sap from sources surrounding the home. If your patio sees a lot of use, you’re also dealing with messes made by those who are using the patio on a regular basis. The occasional spilled drink or pet mess might be easy to clean up when it occurs, but sometimes these things can get missed and they can linger for an ugly appearance.

Power washing the patio is a good idea every few weeks depending on the amount of use it receives. It’s also a good idea for the items on the patio, particularly your barbecue grill. When was the last time it got a good cleaning? Chances are there is quite the accumulation of caked-on grease from plenty of previous meals. Scrubbing the grill with a wire brush is only going to be so effective.