This Sick 2-Month-Old Baby is Surviving Thanks to Crowdfunding

Amrutha and her husband don’t have a lot. They live in a congested, dingy house in an underdeveloped part of Bangalore, Karnataka. While her husband sustains them by driving an OLA cab, she is a homemaker. He brings home no more than Rs 15,000, and this amount pays their bills and puts food on the table.

Their first child was born premature, and needed urgent treatment. They needed to be able to spare Rs 10 lakh in the next few weeks. And they’re managing to do it! How? Crowdfunding India platform, Impact Guru, is making it possible.

How does crowdfunding work?

Patients who cannot afford their healthcare are turning to crowdfunding platforms in rapidly increasing numbers, across not only India, but western countries like the U.S. as well. Healthcare has patients and their families from all kinds of financial conditions sinking into crippling debt as they struggle with loans.

Crowdfunding India lets a patient or their family create a fundraiser, write their story, add a goal amount (the cost of the healthcare procedure) and begin sharing incessantly with friends, family, colleagues, who share it with their contacts. This enables the patient to collect small donations from a large number of people to raise the money they need.

Amrutha’s story

Luxuries like going to the movies, travelling on holidays and eating out are out of the question at Amrutha’s household. Birthdays are spent at home with a modest little cake and candles. However, when she became pregnant, for the first time, her husband started piling up toys, clothes, books and whatnot for the child.

They were ecstatic beyond belief for baby Anirudh’s arrival. When he was born earlier than expected, initially Amrutha and her husband didn’t think there was reason to worry and couldn’t contain their happiness.

However, baby Anirudh was severely feeble and the doctor warned them that he was very ill. The premature birth had affected his bowel functions. The only solution that would save baby Anirudh’s life would be a 3-stage Colostomy, a complicated procedure that is to take place in three parts and will cost a total of Rs. 10 lakh. The first stage has already been carried out.

Amrutha and her husband lined their tiny little house with decorations long before she had gone into labour. They still hang quietly, awaiting a healthy baby Anirudh’s arrival.

Why opt for crowdfunding over a loan?

Crowdfunding India is an informal and quick solution. Moreover, anybody can do it at anytime. When it comes to crowdfunding, you are the boss. Depending on your social media strategy and networks, you can raise the funds you need in hours or weeks. All you need is a story and a goal amount. Over 10,000 patients turned to crowdfunding in 2017 alone, many of them raising lakhs of rupees in days or even overnight.

The top benefits of crowdfunding are:

  1. You need to make no promise of payback. You keep the funds you raise, as your donors contributed without expecting anything in return.
  1. You can start fundraising for free, and are only charged after you raise funds and close your campaign.
  1. You can do it right from home with an internet connection.

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