Timely Affairs

Timely Affairs

Time has a wonderful way of showing us what really matters. It is the best teacher in matters of wisdom and knowledge. It inculcates the values of patience within man. A man’s time on earth, alive and healthy, is the universe’s endowment to him. How can man repay the gratitude in an equally humongous amount? The answer is quite simple. By creating and inventing watches that are so organized and “judicious” that they perfectly reflect the time and its virtues imparted.

Speaking of lessons imparted; activities in our daily lives which impart various skills and values to us include sports. Sports not only provide enjoyment and thrill to humans but also impart principles like teamwork, honesty, patience, gratitude and most important of all, sportsmanship. So what connects these two great teachers in a corporeal form? Players require tough watches to counter the conditions of usage. Sport watches are precisely made for that. They are rugged, water-resistant wrist watches and mostly include features like alarm, stopwatch, compass, heart rate monitor, tachymeter and tide indicator.

For decades, analog and digitalwatches have been available; however, they have evolved into computer-based smart-watches that offer similar features along with the apps that log the wearer’s activities and offer personal health-related information. There are various local and international companies that manufacture amazing sport watches and are worth every penny. Some of them include Casio’s G-Shock Fitness tracking watch series, Polar Vantage’s M fitness watch, Garmin Vivo-active’s Fitness Smart-watch series and Withing’s steel HR sport smart-watch series.

The development of watch for sports over centuries is an interesting fact to know. Since the times of King Louis XVIII, the concept of watches is predominant. The king loved horse racing and wanted to know precisely how long did each race last. Being a King, he was able to commission a horologist to make his wishes come true. And so Nicolas Mathieu Rieussec, watchmaker to the king, was tasked with the invention of a device that could be started and stopped to measure a specific period of elapsed time. He created a simple version of a stop watch, only for it to get modified over decades into watches for sports. Right from WWI to the current 21st century, watches have become a style icon for almost everyone, from funky teenagers to serious athletes to business personalities. Some rare combinations like luxury and sport lead to the creation of some of the most expensive watches on planet earth.

Said and dusted, the surreal combination of watches and women is just marvelous. The stem of elegance and subtle grandeur arises from a proper lady. The same influences their watch styles and usage. Ladies watches include a variety of material; right from leather and steel to lace and rubber. The color and tint variety is too huge to divulge into. There are too many styles and trends ongoing in the world of watches for girls, which makes it difficult to keep a proper track of the trendy stuff.

For as many fashion trends that hit the runways, there are an equal amount of stylish watches that are coming into popularity. The popular styles in watches include Smart technology watches, rose gold watches, skeleton watches, boyfriend watches, floral watches and so on. The interchangeable, printed, wrap, white, bracelet, two-tone and map watches are just some examples of exemplary artwork in the time genre. Combining two or more categories give rise to some of the most sought out and stylish watches for decades to come. For all that it is worth, every watch for ladies has a subtle hint of grace and hidden beauty to embellish the woman’s personality and highlight her positive key features. Brands like Hermes, Patek Philippe, Breguet, Bovet, and Rado exploit this understanding to create watches that stand out. It falls upon the ladies to decide their comfort style and match it with their inner yearnings!

Whether the woman favors timeless elegance of a luxury watch or prefers to sport the hottest look of the season, the most important key to accessorizing with watch for a lady is to wear it with confidence. Coming back to the ultimate subject, time and watches for that matter form an untarnished shield for the human realm, armor that becomes stronger and translucent every single moment.

Danny White