Tips for Choosing the Best Type of Shelving for Your Space

Tips for Choosing the Best Type of Shelving for Your Space

Choosing the best type of shelving for your space requires more forward-thinking than merely wondering if the shelves look good. Generally, shelves are mostly about storing things conveniently and securely. So before you choose one, consider these questions to ensure the option is right for you and your home.

Are They for Storage or Style Only?

Different units built to decorate your house will always have different structures, materials, and hardware than those meant for just storage task alone. Few people will stack metal and plastic shelves (ชั้น พลาสติก, which is the term in Thai) in their kitchen, but they will in the garage to hold tools.

 How Strong Do They Have to Be?

While many kinds of shelves are suited for multiple purposes, knowing what you want to store on it the most often helps when selecting the best model for your space having safety in mind to prevent possible disasters in the future.

Will the Floor or Wall Support Them?

Aside from knowing if the shelves will support what you want to store, you also need to check to make sure the floor and walls will hold them up safely.

Several residential floors will have no problem with standard shelving storage units. The contents of the shelves matter too. For example, stacks of leather-bound books and large fish tanks are incredibly massive.

Always find the studs and make sure the shelf brackets or bolts fit into them securely.

Are They Convenient and Useful?

Shelving can be genuinely decorative. Most shelves are meant for storage purposes as well, and you have to make sure they conveniently serve that purpose. Depending on your home and the space available, they can be down to the floor, up to the ceiling, and stretched from corner to corner.