Tips For Helping You Choose The Right Flowers For Your Wedding Day

Tips For Helping You Choose The Right Flowers For Your Wedding Day

When planning for your wedding, one exciting part is choosing your flowers. However, it’s not as easy as you may imagine. You don’t just pick any flowers that interest you or flowers that match your wedding colors. Many things come into play when selecting wedding flowers. You need to make sure that you do your homework before meeting a florist. Take your time to identify what style and arrangement best works for your wedding. Are you looking for a bouquet arrangement like a cascade, Biedermeier, or posy? What kind of details are you looking forward to seeing in the flowers? It’s okay if you don’t know what you’re looking for, you can always take floral design classes online and learn the basics of floral design before picking flowers for your wedding day. Not only will this give you an insider’s perspective on floral arrangements, but it will help ensure that your wedding day is as perfect as you have dreamed it to be.

Following these tips can help you get through the process like a professional.

The Venue Will Influence Your Florals

The wedding location is going to influence the decision you make about the flowers. If you marry in a vineyard, botanical garden, or a park, you can keep the flowers minimal because flowers already surround the area. You can make a considerable impression using fewer flowers.

Ask Other Couples

You may know a couple who had a wedding. Ask them how they chose their flower arrangements. They may even recommend a florist you can work with. If a wedding planner is handling the planning process, you can ask them to offer suggestions about the flowers or florists.

Show the Florists What You Want

Images offer a great way of telling your story. Rather than just meeting a florist with some written points about the flowers, you can get a photo to show them what you want. Bring the wedding inspirations to your florists. You may take snapshots reflecting your style; however, those should serve as a guide. It would help if you discussed your wedding flower choices with the florist. Also, communicate what you would want to see in the centerpiece, but accept modifications or substitutions.

Mind About The Season

Some flowers may be out of season, so you want to be open-minded and go with what is available. Talk to the florists about flowers that are blooming at the moment and make those your primary arrangements. Get flowers that can last if you are hosting your wedding outside, where there are elements like the wind. If it’s during the summer months, see that the flowers can endure the sunrays.

Some Flowers Evoke a Particular Style

The flowers you choose can say a thing or two about your wedding style. Lush arrangements of some soft, big blooms bring a romantic note to the wedding, while tighter bunches of conventional bridal flowers such as roses and peonies introduce a classic vibe. If you’re looking for a modern touch to your wedding style, you can go with minimalist arrangements. A rustic feel may demand that you get some loose clusters of bright flowers with greenery.

Make sure you work with the florist to identify the theme and arrangement of the flowers. Be flexible to adapt to what is available. Remember that creativity plays a significant role here. Your florist should be able to see your inspiration for the wedding flowers. Take advantage of sites like Instagram and Pinterest to get a general theme of the flower arrangement then you can work your way from there.


Donald Phillips