Tips From My Personal Long Term Travel Experiences

Long term travel is not for everybody and I say this from my personal experience. I have been a long term traveller for the last five years. I go to new places every year and then move on from there and I aim to travel in at least two continents every year. My aim has been to not visit the same place again and again and so far I have been able to achieve that except for some minor stopovers. If you are thinking of traveling the world, the following tips will help you:

  • When you plan long term travel you need to have money. Money will be spent very fast in new places. You will not even know that you have spent all your money. So arrange the required money for your travel and make sure that you have something extra too. Also make a budget for your travel and try to ensure that you stay within budget. This one tip will make your travels successful. Another good tip is to keep an account of all the expenses every day. If you make it a habit it will really help you cut costs and save money.
  • The itinerary should be fixed beforehand. You should know where you are heading to. You should have read about the places and why you need to visit them. You should also ensure that all the documentation such as visas is in place. Many countries require travellers to be vaccinated for diseases that abound in the region, so make sure you have taken all the shots.
  • Remember that after the trip you will return to base which is your home country. So do not make the mistake of gifting your things or selling them. Rent self storage Boston and keep your things there. They will be safe till you return and the rental costs will be cheaper than buying the things again. This one tip will save you a lot of money.
  • When you are in a new country you will meet a lot of new people and these people will try to have fun at your expense, literally. Yes, you could end up spending money for them. The best way is to make friends but you should draw a line when it comes to expenses, you should tell them clearly that you will be paying only for your drinks and food etc. This way you will save money.
  • When in a new place try to stay in hostels that provide food, some hostels allow you to cook and if you like to cook you can make good food and the cost would be very less when you make your own food.

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About the Author: Clare Louise