Tips to choose a surgeon

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Availing services of general surgeons in Bangalore is not easy as it looks. If you need a surgery, locate a surgery who is well versed and you need to be comfortable with them. A primary doctor would provide you with valuable inputs, but always better to push for surgeons in your region, before you go on to choose one. A surgeon who performs a procedure should be reliable as a surgery is a life changing decision.  A series of steps to locate a perfect surgeon

Discuss with your colleagues

Rely on recommendation from your primary physician, doctors or even friends. The moment a few names are in front of you process of research can start.

Get in touch with an insurance provider

A surgeon or an outpatient centre needs to accept an insurance policy that you have. Sometimes an insurance policy is not a preferred member of an association which means you have to bear all expenses at your end. Check out basic features of an insurance policy and it should cover the treatment procedures. Get in touch with the customer care department and figure out more about the policy. If you lack in this regard then be prepared for a hefty treatment bill.

Hospital employed or operating on an individual basis?

A top quality surgeon is found at an independent centre or even a hospital. Though an independent surgeon has necessary freedom to guide and provide you with the best quality care. There are not limited to a specific location or a group of doctors who would not be best for your treatment.

Surgical certification

When it comes to a surgeon certification has an important role to play

Board certified surgeons are much in demand. In a certain area they have conducted detailed education and by passing an examination on a subject they have specialized skills. Then comes board eligible, which means an individual has been part of a course, but not given an exam to attain certification. They could be recent graduates who would be having a few years left in order to complete certification.


With the advent of the internet things have become easy. A click of a mouse would provide you comprehensive information about a surgeon.

In a medical community they would be having reviews. This would be an able indicator to locate more about a surgeon

Questions to pose a surgeon

Once you have gone on to narrow down your list to a few basic choices, and then you could ask the surgeons a few basic questions before arriving at a final decision

  • How long have they been in the field of surgery?
  • Do they specialize in the domain of surgery that you are looking for?
  • Do they have any blemishes in their track record?

In the end the choice of a surgeon is a personal decision. But do evaluate the pros along with cons before you embark on a decision. Do not consider costs as an indicator and the onus would be to focus on the skill sets of a surgeon.