Top apps for HTML video download on Mac

Top apps for HTML video download on Mac

Hyper Text Markup Language or HTML is used to develop web pages from scratch. This technology is widening up very fast, but the saddest thing is that we still do not have much software for downloading videos of this format. We have tried and have found out a few of them for you.


If you are a Mac user, then the name VidoeDuke may not be a new one for you. There are a lot of people who use this application or software for various activities related to videos. However, few of us know that VideoDuke could be used to download HTML video on Mac too.

One just does not get just a video downloader in the form of VideoDuke, but it makes your system a complete video studio. This simply means that you get all the video related services, with the installation of VideoDuke on your system. The specialty of this software lies in the fact that it is appropriate for downloading videos from other platforms also. Other than that, one could even download images, audio files, subtitles, artwork and many other things from the website that you are visiting. This application allows you to do the operations in two modes, namely advanced mode and simple mode. In the advanced mode, you could do work on 4 tabs together and in the simple mode, the activities that you are doing are done at a faster speed.

Elmedia pro

The second potential option, on which one could easily download HTML videos on Mac, after VideoDuke, is Elmedia pro. The reason for which the application has got all the hype is that it too works in the manner VideoDuke works. Just like the VideoDuke application, this too has all the services and conveniences to offer to its users. With this software, one could do a quick download and can view things in a very easy manner.


This is the other application in the list that is actually dedicated to download HTML videos on Mac. It is compatible with a lot of other video streaming platforms. The best part about this application is that it has got such a good user interface that one does not need to put any effort to do the settings and all. One could easily download the HTML videos from any website like YouTube, Vevo, Dailymotion, ESPN, etc. The process of downloading HTML videos from these websites is very easy. One just needs to choose the desired format of video from downloading it. This video downloading software could download the videos in MP4, MOV, and AVI, etc. If one wants to download the audio file, then this downloader could easily download the file in MP3 format. Overall, it gives you all the facility that you require to download an audio or video file.

With this, you have got 3 options that could help you in downloading the HTML videos on your Mac device. All the options that are mentioned in the above section are just perfect for the HTML videos and you will get to know about it, once you use it.

Donald Phillips