Travel Safely and Enjoy Summer in Malaga! Always keep these tips in mind

Travel Safely and Enjoy Summer in Malaga! Always keep these tips in mind

It is not a secret for anybody that this year’s vacational season will not be as busy as it has always been. However, with Spain’s government measures to make it possible for its people to move around the country and encourage the local tourism, it has become a much more viable option for Spanish citizens and others who were already in Spanish territory to visit some of its bests touristic spots at prices that are much lower than usual.

In this context, Malaga’s airport has become a very popular connection spot  because of its vicinity with one of Spain’s best touristic spots, Marbella. One of the best tips for any traveler would be to book for a private transfer service in advance, so they can move around from the airport to the city without any issues.

One of the biggest advantages of booking in advance is that a traveler could get much better prices than what they would be offered if they used the airport’s regular taxi service. In the other hand, prices will be already known by the user, thus making it less likely for them to find any undesirable surprises regarding to the prices.

Did you get to your destination very late at night? This would be no problem at all if you had already booked a private transportation service. If the user is careful enough while searching for the correct transfer service, they will find out that plenty of services have no time restrictions.

Any traveler, especially in times like the ones we’re in right now, should be especially careful when looking for Malaga to Marbella transfer services. Not only should they be careful enough to find out some more about their reviews and recommendations, but also they should be looking for services that can commit with the appropriate health measures.

To make sure a taxi driver is committed to this, any passenger should lookout for the following signs:

Make sure the driver has divided the space between the passengers and himself. A plastic screen should be enough to accomplish this in most cases.

Avoid the use of cash and coins as much as possible. Handling money as things are right now could be potentially dangerous.

In case of not being able to avoid the use of physical money, the driver should have one pair of disposable gloves for every transaction, so he can throw them away after each transaction.

Passengers should always be sitting in the back seats.