Trendy Interior Design Styles To Follow On 2020

Trendy Interior Design Styles To Follow On 2020

It is 2020 a new year and a new decade. This year the interior design trends will be shifting from the minimalist aesthetic to focus on bold accents and contrast. All you professional and DIY interior decorators need to take note. These accents will be represented through, material, color, fabric, and style. Composed in a way that creates a balanced and pleasing space.


Throughout the 2010s a white kitchen space has been dominating the cooking area. In 2020 more natural material accents such as wood will begin to pop up on counters, shelves, and cabinets. This will give a more open vibe to the kitchen space. Natural materials like wood, plants, rattan, wicker, and stone will be seen more throughout the living space as well. Appearing on chairs, coffee tables, stand and bookcases. It will root the modern style into nature.

Tall Plants

People are starting to be more and more aware of their connection to the planet and living healthier. Tall plants like succulents, snake plants, and olive trees bring that little sense of life to a room. It also helps purify the air in a space.

Contrasting Colors

Navy blue is one of the accent colors that will give a space a savvy appearance. More importantly, it will contrast with white colors and that is the main point of 2020. Contrasting colors done right will elevate an area without overwhelming the experience. It will make your favorite areas pop without looking cluttered.

Vintage Accents

Sometimes to go forward we have to go back. In 2020 Interior decorators should use classic designed furniture from a past era. Don’t go overboard with it just use one or two pieces. It is supposed to be a connection to the past. No one is trying to relive it.

Canopy Beds

Modern canopy beds have sense of luxury without the chunky headboard and heavy curtains that make them overbearing. You still get that air of regalness without making your bedroom look like it came from the 18th century.

Terrazzo Tile

Terrazzo tile is a strong material that can create a wonderful Venetian mosaic across the walls or floors. Terrazzo is so versatile it can bring a wonderful cherry vibe or a powerful dark monochromatic tone. Contrasting it with the furniture, fixtures or walls will give the space energy to stand out.

Soft Fabrics

In 2020 people will be turning to soft cozy fabrics like imperfect leather mohair and shearling. This way the soft and cozy style will be inviting and warm letting someone curl up for a night in. With this texture, people can actually live in there spaces instead of just admiring them.

Curved and Straight Shapes

Every pleasing thing we see with our eyes is due to good composition. The beautiful painting or picture, the pretty model on the runway, the wonderful scene in a movie or play, it all comes down to composition. Curves and straight lines will be the shapes that will make that aesthetically pleasing composition in 2020. The use of curved couches and straight edged coffee tables, along with rounded planter and flower pots on top square or rectangular stands will compose a brilliant space.

Interior decorating in 2020 is all about finding a balance in your spaces. Bold accents to make things stand out without making a space look cheese. Some vintage furniture meant to appreciate the past, but not too much that you still maintain a modern style. Contrasting colors that elevate, not bog down a space in contradiction. Materials and textures that are inviting and welcoming not stepping into a modern art museum.

Donald Phillips