Types of Gun Sizes

Types of Gun Sizes

Did you know that to carry a weapon for defense it is necessary to have adequate training, and to take into account some crucial points to acquire the ideal model according to your need? Some points to take into account are: Type of holster and location where the weapon will rest.

In addition, there are differences between possession and transport, do you already know what they are?

Possession: It means to possess or keep a firearm, either inside your residence or even in dependence on it or in your workplace. It is considered legal only if the owner or person in charge of the establishment or company.

Transport: The transport of the weapon is differentiated as the weapon is ready for immediate use. So, in theory, whoever is carrying a weapon is not carrying, but carrying a firearm.

In summary, there is a great deal of confusion in the use of the terms mentioned above, however, today we will deal with the size and its respective modalities of use in different situations, so it will be even simpler to identify your real need according to the definitions below:


The legal size for the rural sector is granted to the owner and worker residing in the rural area, who are over 25 years old, as long as they depend on the weapon to provide for themselves or to defend themselves, family or third parties, as well as how to defend property.

To obtain the license, it is necessary to present numerous documents; proof of residence in a rural area; and a good record.

Simplified demonstration of skill in handling the category of weapon you intend to carry will also be required, as well as a psychological report.


For gun lovers and collectors who want to legally expand their belongings, collecting firearms, AR 10 mag charger, shooting guns and hunting, the possibility depends on the registration of the interested party with the national army, which is responsible for issuing a specific authorization valid throughout the national territory.


The possession of weapons for employers of private security services and internal security services for companies can be authorized by the Federal Police Department and on behalf of these companies.

That is, in addition to the basic requirements for carrying a firearm, employees must participate and be successful in a specific training course for the professional possession of a firearm.