Uluru Accommodation Spotlight – Longitude 131

Uluru Accommodation Spotlight – Longitude 131

Many of you have been to Australia on a vacation. It is true that the country has a wide array of attractions for people with different interests. It is also one of the best places to visit for people of all age groups. Whether you like to go trekking or snorkeling or on a safari tour, Australia has it all for you.

One of the major attractions for tourists visiting Australia is Uluru, which is also known as Ayers Rock. It happens to be a large sandstone rock formation located in the southern part of the Northern Territory of central Australia. Apart from being one of the most recognizable natural landmarks of Australia, Uluru stands at 348m and rises to almost 863m above the sea level. There are several places to stay at Uluru from which https://longitude131.com.au happens to be more adventurous and unique in its own self.

Longitude 131

If you wish to spend a few days of your vacation in a luxury camp at Uluru, Longitude 131 is the place to be. It provides awesome views of Uluru and directly across the desert to Kata Tjuta. Set against the background of red-rust dunes of Central Desert, there are 16 properly tented pavilions of Longitude 131, each of which offer connection to the beautiful landscape and heritage. There is also a magnificent base from where you can explore the Red Center.

Things to Do At Longitude 131

Things are never dull when it comes to Uluru in Australia. There are plenty of things to keep yourself busy and interested during your stay at the accommodation. Some of the attractions and things to do there have been listed below.

  • Enjoy The View: When you spend a few days at Longitude 131, you need to spend some time around the campfire amidst the various tents. You can also enjoy the view of Uluru from your bed inside the tents.
  • Red Center Safari: Lazying around inside the tents all day can sometimes seem rather boring to most of you. Thus, you can go out to explore the cultural and natural heritage of both Kata Tjuta and Uluru. Such tours are led by the naturalist guides of the lodge. With the help of shared stories, as well as a first-hand experiences you will be able to understand the destination much better.
  • Savor Australian Delicacies: Longitude 131 provides some of the finest delicacies of Australia on your plate that are made from the freshest produce from across the country. Enjoy the food with the breathtaking view of Uluru right in front of you. Enjoy barramundi from Humpty Doo, beef from Tasmania’s Cape Grim, and shellfish from the water of South Australia.
  • Enjoy Natural Beauty: Various massage techniques, including local natural healing ingredients and aboriginal massage techniques are provided to help you relax and revitalize. It is basically a kind of spa experience in Spa Kinara. This will not just revitalize and relax your mind, body, and soul, it will also give you the energy to enjoy your stay at Uluru.