Web.com Reviews Shares Tips and Tricks to Dealing with Internet Trolls

Web.com Reviews Shares Tips and Tricks to Dealing with Internet Trolls


The Internet is incredibly useful, but it also has its downsides. These days, if you want to manage your reputation online successfully, you must know how to deal with Internet trolls. In this article, Web.com Reviews shares tips and tricks by learning which you’d be able to handle Internet trolls like never before.

The Tips

The tips to deal with Internet trolls are listed below:

  1. Don’t Provide a Platform- If you disable commenting from your posts it can prevent trolling. If there’s no room to comment, there would be no trolling whatsoever. However, the problem with this is while you’re preventing trolls in the first place, you’re also putting an end to discussions among your online community.

To avoid this, if you’re the owner of your website, simply don’t approve derogatory comments to appear on your posts- particularly the ones that are more of offensive nature rather than those which are intended to criticize.

  1. Don’t feed the troll- When it is not possible to stay completely away from Internet trolling, don’t get caught up emotionally. That is exactly what trollers try to bait you into. People who try to put other people down are actually those who take pleasure in the pain of the others- keep this in mind. When you react to them by showing your sense of anguish and frustration as a response, their purpose gets fulfilled. Sometimes, when facing trolls, ignorance is bliss.
  1. Stay classy with humor- Trolls thrive on anonymity- they always intend to unleash hate and bitterness. But what happens when you choose to be a little classy? Well, in that case, the objects of threat become your objects of pity.

When ignorance seems to be not enough to confront trolling, humor can be an efficient way of defusing the situation. All you have to do is to take a deep breath, say “cool” to yourself and make fun out of the situation without falling prey to it.

  1. Respond with facts to finish it- When you’re facing Internet trolls, particularly when it is linked to your reputation online, neither ignorance and nor humor would bring out the best outcome. There are visitors and consumers of your company/website who must remain satisfied with how you respond to criticism. You can run your online profile successfully only when people know that you listen, and you respond.

Thus, if you catch any mistake, don’t hesitate to correct it, and respond to it by explaining your actions. Any reasonable person would appreciate this. Once your part is done, don’t bother to continue the conversation after you’ve made the professional, ethical, and factual response.


Criticism or trolling on the Internet is everywhere. You cannot just ignore it, nor you should let it ruin your profile online. According to Web.com Reviews, no troll or hater on the Internet has the power to destroy your business as long as you stick to your principles and goals. Don’t let trolls bother you, let them be a source of your motivation so that you get better each and every day.