What does it mean to be a healthcare whistleblower? 

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While we all hope that our co-workers and superiors in the workplace will abide by the highest ethical and legal standards, unfortunately this isn’t always the case.

Whistleblowing means you’re reporting something illegal or wrong in your workplace that is in the public’s best interest to know.

If you work in the healthcare industry it is especially important to make sure any unacceptable behavior or activity is reported as quickly as possible.

Healthcare Whistleblower

Reporting wrongdoing in the healthcare industry is particularly important because people’s health and even their lives are often at stake.

Bringing serious concerns to the public’s attention should be acceptable and even encouraged. Whether it’s in a hospital, nursing facility, or any other type of healthcare setting, health professionals should be following the highest level of standards possible.

All staff should be trained to support and carry out good procedures and practices. This includes understanding policies regarding whistleblowing.

Healthcare professionals that witness or know of any unethical or illegal behavior in the workplace need to understand the necessary steps to take in the whistleblowing process.

Why it Matters

It often takes courage to stand up against the establishment or even your own peers and report unethical or illegal behavior.

Whistleblowing is important because it gives those in charge the chance to remedy the situation before something catastrophic occurs.

If you suspect or know about wrongdoing at your place of employment there are steps you can take to report the situation. You may feel scared or confused when deciding if you should bring a matter to the public’s attention. If you decide to be a healthcare whistleblower there are services and information that can help you decide how to proceed.


Donald Phillips