What Intranet Software Should have for your Business

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When you start a business, you want to make sure that you have the best communication software in place such as your intranet. This is a private communication between employees throughout the company to keep all daily activities running smoothly. It should be able to keep everyone informed of what is going on and be easy to use. Not all businesses are successful at implementing an intranet in their environments let alone knowing how to effectively operate them. Here are a few things your intranet software should have for your company.


You must sit down and hash out what is the purpose of your intranet. Is it for top management and owners only or is to bring in the staff and notify everyone of changes? Whatever the case may be, a company has to have a thorough purpose as to what exactly their intranet software will do. Without this the company can become lost and disorganized. Set goals for the business and make sure it can handle daily activities such as deliveries, analytics and big reports. Don’t just install the software without a purpose. This excellent guide will make it clear and understood by everyone.


Training can go a long way when using intranet software in your company. The goal is to make everyone a master at it and have the appropriate access. There is nothing worse than one person or a couple people who don’t know what they are doing and screw the software up. This can create full chaos for any company. You must have regular training sessions so that everyone is up to speed and can grasp the software once installed. Keep track of the skill level of each employee using the intranet software as well. For those who are having a difficult time using it, take them aside and do a one on one training session.


Engagement of your intranet software is key. You want those great homepages that are not intimidating to the users. It’s important for employees using the software to be able to navigate using their common sense and not feel like they are coding. As your staff logs into the intranet you can guide them on how to proceed further. What does help is when they see pages that assist them mentally to the next step. Your intranet should keep them engaged and encouraged that they can use it with confidence. 

Implementing intranet software in your business doesn’t need to be a headache. Take the time to find out what the purpose is for the intranet. Who is going to be using it and why? Make sure you schedule time for training and teach people what to do when they pass the log in page. Don’t be afraid to address a staff member who simply doesn’t get it. Help them with their understanding the intranet and not make it an intimidating thing to use. Intranet software is used in businesses all over the world. Those that are successful use these kinds of tips to move them forward.