What is the difference between a dock and wharf?

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A boat dock is a man-made landing place for boats on a riverbank or a shore. Basically, there’s no real difference between a dock and a warf.

The word “warf” is a synonym of the word “dock.” Both docks and wards can be intricate with navigable channels and may even have piers or buildings within them.

Where Boat Docks and Warfs Can Be Constructed

A dock or warf gives access to the water. Essentially, it’s a bridge connected to the shore at only one end. It creates an area for unloading and loading ships, a place to park a boat or an easy way to hop on your boat or another type of watercraft.

They are constructed in artificial and natural inlets and are generally perpendicular to the shore having an “L” or “T” shape. Most are made of fiberglass, wood, metal or plastic supported by wooden pilings.

Docks and warfs can also be stationery or floating. And pile docks are very much like traditional boardwalk structures.

It’s important to note that any framing or shoreline anchorage must be strong enough to support its use and weight.

Cribs can also be used for landing platforms, anchorage, shoreline supports and foundations.

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