\What Kind of Choice You Will Need for the best Feta Cheese

\What Kind of Choice You Will Need for the best Feta Cheese

Without doubt the most famous Greek cheese in the whole world, the Greek Feta is made from sheep’s milk and in some cases, and it is ours, with a small quantity of goat’s milk. According to a European Union ruling, Feta has been awarded an AOC making Greece the only producer of Feta.

Feta cheese is a soft, skinless cheese with a few white holes with a pleasant and pronounced taste, slightly acidic and sour.

Did You Know?

The name “feta” appeared in the 17th century and probably comes from the habit of cutting cheese into slices (feta means slice in Greek) to put in barrels. The appellation was definitively adopted in the 19th century.

Sheep cheese is an important part of the cheese platter. Not only does it bring its very special flavor, but it is also easy to digest.

Sheep cheese – particularly precious

Ewes give significantly less milk than cows. The sheep milk production period is reduced to a few months in spring and summer. Production has always been subject to seasonal fluctuations. Originally, it was done in some very arid regions, deprived of sufficient food for cows, such as the Pyrenees, Provence or Corsica. The Sheep milk feta cheese is perfect there.

Made from curdled cow’s milk, quark cheese is a German invention, but there are several variants of it in northern and eastern Europe, where it is widely used. It is also a very close cousin of the British cottage, another type of fresh cheese, but its texture is more creamy. It is an advantageous replacement for cream cheese since it is less fatty and does not contain added salt.

How to use it? 

Spread, of course. And he makes great cheesecakes.

Where to find it? 

In most grocery stores. The Liberté brand, among others, makes it.


Feta cheese

Traditional feta is made from sheep’s or goat’s milk, but increasingly also from cow’s milk. It is a curd cheese, then brined. Tart, salty, with a more or less crumbly texture and creamy depending on the origin, feta is even a protected designation of origin since the early 2000s.

How to use it?

  • It enhances salads, Greek salad, couscous salad and frittatas. 
  • Particularly delicious in the oven in a traditional Greek recipe, with shrimps and tomatoes.

Where to find it?

The creamier and tastier Greek feta is found in Middle Eastern grocery stores and cheese factories. Grocery stores mainly sell Canadian feta. Consumed in many Middle Eastern countries, labneh is made from pressed yogurt, whether from goat’s milk, sheep’s milk or cow’s milk. It is a very creamy cheese, with a slightly tart taste.

How to use it? Labneh is delicious as a dip and makes a delicious cucumber salad with garlic and mint. Like many fresh cheeses, it is easy to make: we have identified at least a dozen sites explaining how to make your labneh. From the Middle East we also get haloumi, a firm cheese that can be grilled.

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