What Kind of Traumas Result in Knee Surgery?

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Trauma to the knee can be extremely debilitating, causing the sufferer to undergo months of restorative therapy or even knee surgery.

With more than 30,000 knee injuries occurring due to frontal motor vehicle crashes alone, this is one of the most popular injuries in the country.

Your knees take a lot of pressure from walking, jumping, hiking, playing outside and other forms of exercise with sports being another key cause of traumatic knee injury.

Here are a few of the traumas that can cause you to need to take the step of surgery to repair your knee.

Types of Injury That Require Knee Surgery

If your knee is swollen, painful and you’re having difficulty moving it, you might be experiencing trauma to the knee. When knees are injured, there are often several different issues presenting at the same time.

  • Meniscus tears happen when a twisting or rotating force tears the cartilage of the knee joint.
  • Fractures often occur on the patella, or knee bone. The most common causes of knee fractures are car crashes.
  • Dislocation of the knee happens when the kneecap or other bones of the knee slip out of alignment, often due to a motor vehicle collision or a traumatic fall.
  • Anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injuries are caused by a blow to the knee, often happening during a sporting event or because of a fall.

The treatment for each of these injuries depends on the severity of the issue, but getting proper care is crucial to your lifelong use of the injured knee.

It’s not unusual to experience chronic pain, a decreased range of motion, instability in the knee joint and even functional impairment or the inability to use the knee.

When you’ve experienced an impact or other damage to the knee, it’s important that you explore your options early. Leaving these conditions untreated can result in a long-term negative impact to your quality of life.

Danny White