What To Bring to the Range

What To Bring to the Range

Spending the day at a shooting range can be a fun time whether you go by yourself or with friends and family. It gives you an opportunity to practice with your firearm and become more familiar with it. There are both indoor and outdoor ranges you choose to go to, and many of them have different areas for different styles of guns. Here are a few things you don’t want to forget the next time you go out to the range.


You want to make sure that you have your guns with you, as this is the point in going. If you have multiple firearms, use the opportunity to shoot as many as you can. Each gun can bring its own challenges. Pistols have a shorter barrel and require a steady hand for accuracy. A larger barreled gun can shoot farther and be a little easier to manage.


It is good to have some type of protection for your guns. You should put them in cases whenever you transport them. Once you get to the range, you can use Blackhawk holsters to carry it around everywhere. If you are practicing using it for self-defense, you should become familiar with pulling it in and out of the carrier. You want to be prepared for real-life situations.


You should make sure you have plenty of ammo when you are out shooting. It doesn’t take much to go through a lot, especially if you have a few people with you. Depending on the amount of time you have, you can make estimates on how much you will shoot. Bullets can be expensive, so you don’t want to be wasteful and careless when practicing.


There are a few different styles of targets you could choose from. Many people will use a generic paper target. They tend to be cheaper and are easier to get rid of. You can also use steel targets which will make a noise each time you hit them. If you want to have some fun, you can shoot at cans of Tannerite. They will make small explosions when you hit them.


Safety is the most important part of your trip to the range. Dealing with firearms can be dangerous if you are not careful. You should always practice safe handling techniques and procedures. When you are shooting, you should be wearing eye and ear protection. This can protect you from ricochets, and the continuous loud noises from the guns can damage your ears.

You can have a great time at the shooting range. Follow proper protocol and be sure to bring these items to have a day you won’t forget.

Donald Phillips