What to Consider Before Getting a Printing Job  

What to Consider Before Getting a Printing Job  

Printers have been following personal computers since its inception, but nowadays fewer and fewer people have printers, and even in stores that sell electronics, the printers already have more of the same prominence they have had not too long ago. On the other hand, it still prints a lot, maybe even more than before. How is it possible to get more and more impressions with fewer and fewer printers?

This is because more and more people no longer have printers and turn to print services when needed. That is why when Get a print job (รับพิมพ์งาน which is the term in Thai) you need to know that it comes with a lot of sacrifice.

What Getting a Job in Printing Service Entails

·         Convenience

This is obvious. It is much more comfortable to have your impression without having to leave the house, but when people consider this factor, they only remember that having to move for a few hundred meters or, go there, a few miles; it is not so bad to justify the higher costs of having a printer.

·         Time

The time, in this case, refers to the chronological time, the one marked by the clocks. And here also people who prefer not to have a printer at home do not seem to consider a big problem under normal conditions.

·         Privacy

This is yet another occult cult of usually neglected print services. Many of these services offer the convenience of receiving files for email or even WhatsApp.

This saves you a little time as you will not have to go to the site twice or wait for the service to be ready, but remember that the file will have the establishment, which can use it as well understand.

The commercial contracts, the financial data of the company, the art of the logo, the work that will compete in the contest, everything you send to print may be used for other purposes that can harm you.

·         Safety

And last, but not least, security. Everyone knows the dangers that can come on the internet, but most forget that these same dangers can come through the pen drives.

And it is usually by them that most people who use print services take their files to these establishments.

Consider that the computers in these establishments receive hundreds or even thousands of pen drives connected to their USB ports.

So the probability of being infected is very high.

And when a computer is infected, every pen drive that is connected to it also gets infected.