What You Need To Know About Maintaining a Pool

What You Need To Know About Maintaining a Pool

Jumping into a swimming pool on a hot summer day is one of the best ways to cool off. If you’re the lucky owner of a backyard swimming pool, cooling off is just a few feet away. While you appreciate the convenience of a backyard pool, weekly pool maintenance can be an undesirable task. Fortunately, there are water testing Pittsburgh experts who can give you a customized treatment plan, pool maintenance chart and all of the chemicals and supplies necessary to get the job done. Here are some tips for maintaining your swimming pool.

Remove Debris and Vacuum

First, skim the pool with a skimmer basket and dispose of the waste. This prevents the debris from blowing back into the pool. Consider trimming back or removing plants that shed a large amount of leaves and blossoms. Once the debris has been removed, turn the jet nozzles downward so that you can reduce surface ripples and clearly see the bottom of the pool. Set up the vacuum according to directions and let it run for a minimum of 30 minutes. Move across the pool in lines, similar to mowing a lawn. Finish cleaning the pool by brushing the walls with a brush.

Adjust Chemicals

Second, test the water chemistry weekly to maintain the health and safety of the pool and swimmers. Water testing experts can provide you with a chemical treatment plan. Poor water chemistry can cause pump failure and equipment problems. The right amount of chemicals is also essential because anything else can cause skin irritation and health problems for swimmers.

Backwash and Clean the Filter

The third step involves taking care of the filter. Adjust the setting on the filter valve to backwash. This will redirect the water flow. Next, clean out the hair catcher and shut the system off. Unscrew the cover of the trap and empty the basket in the garbage.

Add Chlorine

If your pool has a chlorinator, follow the directions on the chlorine package. If the weather is hotter or the pool is being used more frequently, add more chlorine. There are many different chemical options available. A water testing expert can help you find the right balance for your swimming pool.

Regularly maintaining your pool each week will extend the life of your pool and ensure good health for your swimmers. You can minimize the drudgery of cleaning your pool by following a customized treatment plan.

Danny White