Which Water Trough Is The Best For Me?

Which Water Trough Is The Best For Me?

Farmers work every single day from sun up to sun down providing crops and livestock for the country.  It’s a backbreaking job and a job that mostly goes unnoticed by the general public.  Farmers need certain tools to do their jobs and one of the most vital tools is a water trough.  What is a Water Trough and why is it so important?

What Is A Water Trough?

A Water Trough is a container that holds water or food for livestock to eat or drink.  This is important because livestock need fresh water and clean food every day to stay healthy.  If livestock got sick and perished, that’s money directly out of the farmer’s pockets and a farmer’s profit margin is razor-thin at best.

Characteristics Of A Quality Water Trough:

Farmers have certain needs when it comes to having a Water Trough.  They should have one that’s lightweight when its’ empty to set out for the livestock, it would be cumbersome to wield one that’s heavy and if you have a lot of livestock, that’s a lot of heavy containers to set out in the morning.  It should be clean and not prone to tipping over, this is self-evident but some manufacturers don’t think of obvious facts like physics and things of that nature.  What good is a Trough if it tips over when it’s filled up with water or food?  We’ll look at the different types of Water Troughs available below.

Metal Water Troughs:

Metal Water Troughs have had the longest use and is the traditional route when it comes to feeding livestock.  They have to hold a special plastic liner on the insides so that the water can be safely consumed by the livestock.  They hold up well over time and can hold more food and water inside of them compared to other materials.  The big downside to these types of containers is the fact that you’re dealing with Metal which can rust over time if they’re not taken care of.  Corrosion can eat away at the material and over time, you’ll have huge holes in the metal and the container will have to be replaced.  You also have to factor that Metal is a heat conductor which means that if you set water and food out in the summer under the blazing heat of the sun (Pig Pens, Horse Stalls, etc.) that food and water is going to heat up.

Plastic Water Troughs:

Plastic is one of the biggest modern marvels ever created and this is evident in holding food and water for livestock.  Plastic Troughs can retain their shape better, but they still need some form of framework around it to support it, especially for rectangular units.  There are different grades of plastic to choose from and certain grades (Food-Grade Polyethylene) are the highest quality plastics you can use for food and water.  Certain grades of plastic are susceptible to brittleness under constant sunlight.  The big advantage to them is that there are no rust or corrosion worries with plastic.

Final Thoughts:

When looking at Water Troughs, always do your due diligence in finding out all the information you need in finding the best water trough for your farm.  There is a lot of data out there to take in, no two situations are similar so take yourtime and do your research.

Donald Phillips