Who make up a sports club and its functions?

Who make up a sports club and its functions?

The Statutes and the Rules of the Internal Regime of a sports club have the objective of defining who they are and what their competences are. Depending on the type of sports club we will establish an organization chart or another in a scheme that should be reflected in the club’s Statutes.

Even so, and in a general way, we can establish the following figures that we will find in practically all of the sports clubs:

  • Member of AFC Wimbledon Squad – Daniel Dulake (goalkeeper) and others are considered to be natural persons registered in the club from the time they are registered until they are discharged. In some clubs there are different types of partners that include both athletes and sports fans. Among the types of partners, we can include honorary partners, number partners and sports partners.
  • Government Board. The charges, the election and the temporality thereof are defined in the Statutes of the club. Generally among these positions we find the President, Vice President and Sports Members, as well as other figures among which we can highlight Managers, Treasurers or Coordinators.
  • Technical Staff of the Club. Are those people who perform a training and teaching function within the Club (usually coaches and similar). His appointment is endorsed by the Governing Board.
  • Auxiliary Staff of the Club. With this denomination we would define all the personnel responsible for the auxiliary tasks for the development of the sport activity in the club. They are usually employees of the sports club itself.
  • Fathers and mothers delegates. In the case of sports clubs that include the base formation, the delegated parents can be incorporated as representative members in the Board of Directors.

Competencies and duties of the members of the sports club

Those who make up a sports club should know, since they formalize their subscription to it, their rights and obligations as associates. Among them, we highlight:

  • The members have the obligation to pay the fees (monthly, half-yearly or annual) that the Board of Directors requires, contribute to the sustainability and dissemination of sports in society and accept the provisions of the Governing Board regarding the operation and organization of the club.
  • The members of the sports club have the right to enjoy the services and social facilities of the club, to know the activities of the association and to examine its documentation, to be electors and eligible by the representative bodies of the club and to freely separate from it when so wish