Why would you choose Garcia Y Vega?

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Garcia Y Vega, these machine made cigar is the last word among cigars. This cigar only uses high quality select natural leaf wrappers and aged filler tobacco to develop their world-class product. Legacy since 1882, this brand has a huge fan base around value smokers. This is a value product and good to recommend. I will surely recommend to my friends to enjoy this world-class product. The most important to be noticed that this is worth and this is available in your budget.

The construction and quality along with mellow smooth classic tobaccos were its specialities. They are available in different styles, sizes & packaging. The Garcia Vega cigars offer an array of fruity and delicious packaging. When you add some spaghetti western flair to their impeccable lineup, these rustic looking Clint Eastwood style cheroots, paint the town red with four awesome flavours.

when you want a very tasty little smoke that offers some rugged manly appeal go ahead and order some Garcia Y Vega.  One of the most popular products of this company is Garcia Y Vega Game. Introduced in 2007, this cigar contains all sorts of tobacco leaf wrappers and candela shades. Modern-day smokers who give value and quality to the product can really enjoy our special treat that of Garcia Y Vega Game

Gently infused with scintillating dessert and fruit flavours, all individually wrapped which highlights its peak performance will enrich you with its nobleness

For the makers of Garcia Y Vega, the customer is first and his or her need is companies major attention, therefore, we are not ready for any compromise on the quality of our product, and we will also ensure safe and smooth packaging with waterproof under the affordable price tag

Customers first and quality driven performance helps Garcia Y Vega to achieve the status of the most favourite and honoured brand in the west. The very affordable smokes promise a smooth taste, and they deliver it every time and like that old commercial said, “Good old Garcia Vegas, still an honest cigar.”

The one and only promise that we can give to you is that you will not be disappointed with any of our products. Enjoy the smooth taste of our Garcia Y Vega and it will be a special treat for every smoke lovers. All our cigars have a pleasant smell providing a very mellow taste.we are also known as Garcia Vegas blunts because of the way it is made with an inner leaf wrapped around a thicker leaf into a spiral motion. I have been using Garcia y Vegas Game cigar since they come out. I prefer them over everything. Depending on ‘upon how you roll your ‘game’, you can fit a large amount into a full-size game cigar.

As one of the oldest-known producers of machine-made cigars, Garcia y Vegas is a staple for enthusiasts. These cigars are medium -bodied and offer lightly complex nuances due to their tri-country filler. Inside you’ll find short fillers from Africa, Connecticut Mexico.

Enjoy the Garcia Y Vegas and find yourself!






Donald Phillips