Woori Casino and Its Network of Casinos

Woori Casino and Its Network of Casinos

Woori Casino is actually a casino that has many other online casino sites registered as their affiliates; so basically, you have many choices from Woori Casino on which casino sites you want to gamble at.

Private company

Woori Casino is a private company in the online 카지노 industry developed in the mid-2000s as a unique company holding over 50% of the online casino market as of 2019 under the name of “Uri Casino”. Part of their history includes the government bringing down an intensive crackdown on Woori Casino operating under “Uri Casino”. Since that time, the operation has changed.

Network of affiliates

As of 2019, 6 casinos belong to this improved Woori Casino network and this includes:

  • King Casino
  • Coin Casino
  • Yeska Casino
  • First Casino
  • The Nine Casino
  • 007 Casino

By doing this Woori Casino is holding on to the domestic market but there are numerous sites claiming to be Woori Casino affiliates – when they are not, so you need to be careful.

Online casino advantages

Woori Casino’s market control rate fort this casino and its network still ranks number one in the online casino market. This is also due to their many advantages such as:

  • Great customer support
  • Ability to play anytime, anywhere
  • Software that is high-quality
  • Safe environment and secure withdrawal

Customer support

The number 1 advantage of online casinos is superb customer support services. Customer support is available 365 days, 24 hours a day to answer questions at any time. On top of that, the game selection is quite diverse and there is no wait time to get into the game you wish to gamble on. Customer service offers a 24-hour currency exchange service.

Safe environment and secure withdrawal

This network also has a firewall that is almost perfect as well as using encryption software to protect all information they hold on all their players. Hacking is considered to be almost impossible due to this firewall. Plus, all the casinos have insurance coverage. So, in cases of any hacking or currency exchange problems, you can contact them by telegram at the top of their site and they will handle liability compensation claims.

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