World History at The Weed Restaurant : Lowell Farms Cannabis Cafe

World History at The Weed Restaurant : Lowell Farms Cannabis Cafe

For those of us old enough to remember, in the 1960s there was a counter-culture song based on a true story and a movie made about it called Alice’s Restaurant. For those not around at that time, they can still appreciate the lyrics from the song which goes like this “You can get anything you want, at Alice’s restaurant.” The song was made popular by Arlo Guthrie. It was about a real restaurant and a real person named Alice and the fun of being a hippie in the 1960s.

Fast forward to today’s times, and we are making world history with the restaurant called Lowell Cafe in West Hollywood, California where you can get any cannabis you want. It is the first weed restaurant in America. Arlo should come for a visit.

No, they do not put marijuana in the food dishes. Instead, they serve gourmet food cooked by chef Andrea Drummer. The recipes are designed to enhance the enjoyment of the various cannabis products that are available for purchase at the connected marijuana dispensary, which is part of the facility.

Organic Highs from Farm to Table

The cannabis products are grown and created at the Lowell Farms on the central coast of California.

The farm has an amazing history. William “Bull” Lowell was growing hemp on the farm in 1909, which was made illegal in 1913. Lowell refused to stop growing hemp and ended up in jail. Now that cannabis growing and recreational use of marijuana is legal in California, the farm’s output is finding big success.

The farm uses only organic fertilizer and no pesticides. The agricultural workers at the farm receive good pay as a living wage and the farm only uses natural materials. The designs of the product packaging and quality are extraordinary. The Lowell brand is very successful. The products are already found in over 350 stores.

Let’s Meet

The Lowell Cafe is located at 1201 North La Brea Avenue in West Hollywood and is open from 10 am to 10 pm daily. Relax on the patio. Have a drink, a meal, and a smoke. Coffee, juices, and farm-fresh food all go well with cannabis.

Vape away on the finest cold-pressed cannabis oil products and resins. Smoke a pre-rolled blunt (hand-rolled of course) that range from 18% to 29% THC content for the Sativa Rolls Choice. Ooh la la, you had better sit down for that one.

Let’s Eat

Master Chef Andrea Drummer is known for her cookbook Cannabis Cuisine. She trained at Le Cordon Bleu. She founded Elevation VIP Co-Op, which is a Los Angeles-based catering company creating spectacular dinner parties for high-end clients.

She was also on a cannabis-cooking contest that aired on Netflix during 2018. Her goal is to bring cannabis cuisine to the masses. She hopes to soon see cannabis in the home on the spice rack next to the oregano.

At the Lowell Cafe, she serves many dishes that complement cannabis. The law does not currently allow her to put cannabis directly in the food dishes that are served because the cannabis sales process is still highly regulated. However, guests are free to smoke and vape cannabis products at the tables.

Not to miss a beat, while the laws get organized, she developed delightful dishes that calm those outrageous munchies, which are a known side effect of cannabis consumption.

Now, what?

Call 323.975.7676 for reservations or use the convenient online form at for smaller parties or email for parties of six or more. If you want to be the talk of the town, rent the whole place for a special event.

For your cannabis products, you can place an order online and it will be waiting for you to pick up, to enjoy at the restaurant, or you can choose to have your order delivered.