Common Management Problems and How to Overcome Them

As you gain more management experience through leadership development, you will likely encounter problems at work. You must overcome personal challenges while managing the needs and behaviors of your team. Preparing for these problems will help you anticipate them and develop plans to deal with them. Managers encounter the same issues in all fields and industries, and you need to be prepared for these issues. Listed below are some common problems that most managers face.


Communication is the key to organizational success, but many organizations experience problems with it. These challenges undermine organizational performance and negatively affect the success of the organization. Ineffective communication is often the result of rigid organizational structures, which tend to silence information or create too much. The effects of ineffective communication can range from lacking engagement to decreased productivity. Fortunately, promoting healthy and productive communication among your team members is a valuable skill that can be developed by attending leadership courses.

Conflict resolution

If you’re a manager experiencing conflict, you must know how to resolve it. First, try to remain calm and level-headed. While there may be a tendency to get angry, you should wait until you have finished venting and stay as calm and level-headed as possible. When you meet with employees, be ready to discuss their concerns. Then, try to identify what is driving their behavior and how they might be able to help the situation.

Knowledge management

A key problem facing knowledge management is that employees are reluctant to share their experiences. It will have little value if a knowledge management system doesn’t allow employees to share lessons learned and new information. To get the most out of your knowledge management strategy, you must motivate employees to do so. Unless employees are encouraged to share their experiences, your company will not benefit. 

Team alignment

Organizational alignment is critical for achieving company goals and success. If teams aren’t aligned, efforts can become fragmented as individuals focus on their personal agendas. It is imperative to create clear priorities and communicate these to teams on a daily basis. 

There are other problems managers face in their everyday lives. This infographic from Corporate Learning Solutions provides some ways to overcome the most problematic situations for corporate managers.

Danny White