Divorce Lawyers And Their Responsibilities

Divorce Lawyers And Their Responsibilities

A divorce lawyer, one is often confronted with a very emotional situation, which makes it considerably more difficult for the parties to reach an amicable agreement.

It should not be overlooked that the legal revisions of the last years due to social change have led to a substantial loss of legitimacy for marriage: in 1976, children born out of marriage were given equal status with legitimate children, the principle of equal rights for women and Man and the primacy of the best interests of the child in divorce law.

The principle of fault was abolished in the area of the grounds for divorce. The bride and groom have kept their respective names, and most recently, the man owes the child’s mother a significant chunk under the title “care maintenance” regardless of marriage.

Marriage, on the other hand, is still relevant today when it comes to the right of residence for people without citizenship. And the non-material aspect should not be underestimated either, which is shown, among other things, by the introduction of the partnership law, which means that same-sex couples cannot marry but can enter into a “registered partnership” that is equal to it.

The divorce lawyer no longer has to prove that the other party is to blame for the breakdown of the marriage in order to claim maintenance for the client or to ward off corresponding claims. In many cases, however, the involvement of a divorce lawyer is necessary: In connection with alimony claims, for example, it must be proven that the marriage was life-forming and that the responding spouse had confidence in the continuation of the marriage and in the continued existence of the previous, freely agreed division of tasks appears objectively worthy of protection.

Marriages lasting at least ten years and those that have produced children are generally assumed to be life-shaping. It is not uncommon for the so-called “cultural uprooting” to be taken into account. In general, assumptions from a legal perspective only regulate – but still! – The burden of proof. You can search advocate near me for taking beneficial advice.

Relevance of the regional practice for the divorce lawyer:

For the concrete calculation of maintenance claims, but also for questions of custody and visitation rights, knowledge of regionally differing practices is essential for the divorce lawyer with regard to the discretionary powers of the courts granted by the Supreme Court: Divorce lawyer in Delhi represent parties before the courts in the area and the neighbouring cantons.

The latest reforms in the area of maintenance law and parental care – keyword shared custody and child support – show that the divorce attorney must always adapt to the changing legal situation and may not solely rely on many years of experience or previously acquired specialist titles. This is to be taken into account regardless.

Arrange a consultation appointment with your divorce attorney 

For many of those affected, the whole world collapses when a divorce occurs. Your divorce lawyer will be at your side with advice and action to coordinate the divorce process.

Since disputes are always the order of the day, competent advice is required. During an interview best lawyer in India will inform you about the requirements for the divorce, the process, consequences, and costs. It is not like a satta matka king.

How Does Online Divorce Work With Your Divorce Lawyer?

Online divorce is a procedure in which you communicate digitally with your lawyer. A consultation appointment on site is not necessary.

The divorce process is relatively simple with this procedure: You can inform your lawyer about the facts of the case by e-mail etc., and initiate everything that is necessary for the divorce proceedings. Experience has shown that clients value the less time it takes to get divorced online.

Of course, it is not a must to communicate digitally with your divorce lawyer. Anyone who appreciates personal contact is welcome to come to our office.

The online divorce is an offer to all people who have little time and still want to work comfortably with us. However, for the divorce date, even with an online divorce, it is necessary to appear before the responsible family court.

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