Govt moves to offer quality diagnostic services under PMJAY

Govt moves to offer quality diagnostic services under PMJAY

The Indian ministry of health and family welfare is looking for options to make quality diagnostic facilities available to people seeking healthcare under the Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Yojana (PMJAY) scheme.

Over time, the government will be evaluating the models related to the partnership with diagnostic companies to provide quality services available. As of now, the government has established over 150,000 healthcare and wellness centres under the PMJAY scheme. These centres will be fully operational with diagnostic facilities by 2022-23.

Some Indian areas with little to no healthcare services need special attention. Hence, the government is looking to seek support from the private sector medical services. The public-private partnership will lay a better healthcare foundation, improve diagnostics services, and make sure that skilled doctors are available in these areas.

NITI Aayog along with NHA are readily providing financial incentives and encouraging the private sector to improve the quality of the services provided under the PMJAY scheme.

Moreover, the medical diagnostic industry of India is bound to play a crucial role in prevention and wellness of the people. This also happens to be the primary objective of the AB-PMJAY wherein 41% of the expenses are utilized for diagnostics. The medical diagnostic industry is also urged to engage more with the states for expanding tele radiology, which will only help PMJAY and other government healthcare schemes.

All the sub-health and primary healthcare centers are no strongly identified as health and wellness centers (HWCs). This will make healthcare services widely accessible to people seeking medical guidance under the PMJAY scheme. Moreover, it offers preventive, primitive, rehabilitative, and curative care for a wide range of services. It also includes childbirth and newborn care.

Even though the private health sector majorly concentrates on the profits, but the government is focused on providing affordable health services to everyone. Hence, the government is looking for models that provide quality diagnostics at affordable prices.

As we all know, the PMJAY scheme is primarily for the poor and vulnerable Indian families that need healthcare facilities. The plan is supposed to provide a coverage of up to INR 5 lakhs to each family every year. It has been said to help over 10 crore families across the country till now. As of 2019, the PMJAY scheme has 18,059 hospitals have been empaneled and over 10 crore ecards issued to the beneficiaries.

To Sum It Up

The medical diagnostic industry is in discussion with the government to settle on reasonable charges for operational costs. Not only the diagnostic facilities will be of high quality but also available to the public at affordable prices.

To seek healthcare facilities under the PMJAY scheme, you must be eligible for the same. Once you know you qualify, you can move on to Ayushman Bharat registration process wherein you and your family members will be issued an ecard. The ecard allows you to seek medical guidance at the PMJAY empaneled hospitals.

These details will help you benefit from the features of the program and help others get healthcare coverage as well.

Danny White