Here’s How You Can Give Your Onitsuka Tiger Shoes A Longer Life

Here’s How You Can Give Your Onitsuka Tiger Shoes A Longer Life

Onitsuka Tiger is a well-known name in the world of sneakers. A fan favorite, everyone wants them to last a lifetime but tucking the shoes away in the back of a cupboard is not an option. To make Onitsuka Tiger shoes last longer, here are habits you should maintain to increase their durability.

No Use Washing Machine

To extend your Onitsuka Tiger shoe’s lifetime, avoid adding them in the washing machine for a quick wash. Instead, clean the sneakers by hand when they become soiled, so the filth does not have time to sink in. A shoe cleaning kit is also a great option which is available online. Be sure to research well before buying one to ensure the shoes are not damaged.

Wipe the Shoes Regularly

Cleaning your Onitsuka Tiger shoes by hand is the most secure method. The process and things required can vary depending on the shoe’s material, such as suede or leather. ASICS recommends washing your Onitsuka sneakers using a shoe cleaner and a gentle cloth/brush or scrubbing the surface with mild detergent and cold water. Do your homework on the appropriate technique for the type of footwear you’re cleaning. If the shoes have removable insoles, take them out while cleaning so they can circulate air and clear out any odours.

Check and Protect the Soles

The sole of a regularly worn shoe is among the first materials to wear out. Fortunately, there are products available to maintain the soles of your footwear. A simple, straightforward online search can produce several options that will leave you satisfied and the shoes lasting longer. Similarly, based on the Onitsuka Tiger shoe, you can consider buying toe taps to keep the tip of the sole on any pointed footwear from wearing out too soon.

Use Water Protectant

Another simple method is using a water-protectant spray to preserve the quality of your shoes. It is strongly advised to spray the sneakers with a water-protectant solution before using them. These can be obtained anywhere that sells shoes. First, read the instructions to correctly apply them to the shoes based on the material it is made of. It is extremely crucial during the winter when the weather is usually harsher.

Stuff Newspaper in the Shoes

Packing the insides with old newspaper is a simple, inexpensive tip that will benefit your shoes in the long run. This easy approach has multiple benefits; it not only helps to minimise lingering odours but also helps to dry the shoes out if they become wet. It helps in preventing dry rot, and it also aids in maintaining their form. If you want to spend a little more on Onitsuka Tiger shoe maintenance, consider purchasing a shoehorn that holds the shape and wicks out any moisture.

How to Store Onitsuka Tiger Shoes?

A simple habit of extending the life of your sneakers is to keep them properly stored. It includes keeping the shoes away from direct sunlight, which leads to fading and other problems. Store the shoes neatly in fabric bags in a dark, dry area. Avoid putting them in the closet, which could result in dust or scratches

Worn Soles

If shoes wear out, try replacing or repairing the sole before purchasing a new pair. It is a frequently ignored remedy since many people are unaware it exists. You can take the shoes to a local cobbler and have the sole replaced. It is a simple, low-cost solution to extend their life.


Always research before buying a shoe cleaning kit or taking it out for repair since each shoe has qualities that must be maintained. Onitsuka Tiger shoes India have to be washed according to their designs. The wrong cleaning method could damage the running sneakers or even alter their shape, reducing the running pace.


Donald Phillips