Maintenance Tips On Air Conditioning

Maintenance Tips On Air Conditioning

Today we will give you maintenance tips when you visit our website on air conditioning that are simple processes but will keep the unit in good working condition.

  • Filter Cleaning
  • Machine Hygienization
  • Condensing Unit Cleaning

Filter Cleaning

The filter has the function of cleaning, blocking particles that are harmful to health circulating in the environment. In the air conditioning splits, the filters are located in the evaporator unit (machine internal to the environment). These filters are responsible for holding coarse particles, usually dust that is in the environment.

In air conditioning maintenance, cleaning the filter is essential so that the dust does not return to the environment through air recirculation.


  • Open the evaporator unit of the air conditioning and pass a damp cloth or wash the filter to remove dust.
  • You should do this procedure at least once a month.


Air conditioning maintenance through the ac repair in my area should include complete cleaning as an essential cleaning factor; this maintenance is called machine cleaning. The recommendation is that between 2 and 3 months you look for a company specializing in air conditioning and hire the cleaning service.


  • In air conditioning maintenance, the cleaning product must be applied to fight the bacteria present in the air conditioning.
  • A respiratory protection mask and gloves to protect your skin should be used.

Cleaning Condensing Unit

The air conditioning maintenance of the condensing unit (machine external to the environment) is done to maintain the machine’s efficiency.

Over time, the condensing unit of air conditioning can suffer from several types of problems:

  • Bird nests
  • Urban dust accumulation
  • Accumulation of tree leaves

For machine performance to be maintained, air conditioning maintenance on the condenser unit must be done every six months.

The installer must advise the customer of the importance of this type of service to not have headaches in the future. The client should seek a reliable professional aircon servicing and know how to perform the service in the best possible way.


  • Remove the condensing unit and perform the air conditioning maintenance service carefully to preserve the customer’s equipment so as not to damage parts such as:
  • Compressor
  • Fan
  • Fins and other components.
  • In the workshop, your installer will perform the cleaning in the best possible way while preserving your customer’s equipment.

PS:  Remember that customer satisfaction with your service is the best marketing for future air conditioning maintenance and machine installation services.

James Miller