Menorca Awaits! Pack up and visit this wholesome Spanish Island

Menorca Awaits! Pack up and visit this wholesome Spanish Island

Even though most people focus on traveling to distant and exotic islands, it turns out that there are many small hidden jewels that can be far more accessible, while also being the perfect kind of place for a weekend escape, or even for a seasonal (or permanent) stay.

Menorca might not be as big as Majorca, or as famous as its sibling island Ibiza, however, there are many activities and stuff to do in this island, as you get to experience its numerous perks of beauty, peace and luxury. This is why we will share in this post some of the best options and activities that any traveler would find interesting in Menorca.

Menorca: a lot to see and do in just a little of space

First of all Rent a car to move around the island. Even though Menorca is not as big as the other islands, it still has a considerable extension. Renting a car will make everything easier as you wont have to stick to the public transport’s schedules.

A simple search for rent a car Menorca will allow any user to find different services with different fares. It is just a matter of selecting the one that fits the best with the budget.

Attend the popular festivals of Menorca. Menorca without its festivals would not be the same.Although in our visit it will not be possible, if your trip to Menorca coincides with its popular festivals, you are in luck, because we have discovered that they are quite a spectacle.

The oldest and most well known are the “Sant Joan” festivities, these mark the beginning of all the island’s celebrations, and take place on June 23 and 24.

Of course you will have to visit Ciutadella, which is allegedly Menorca’s prettiest city. You cannot leave without getting lost in its streets, visiting its cathedral, its market, buying Menorcan products, and of course walking and having a drink on the terraces of the port.

Visit a lighthouse on the island and marvel at the sunset from there.  It is true that the headlights always offer unique and magical moments. It is said that enjoying sunrise, sunset or the full moon from one of them can become another essential experience in Menorca. One of the favorites among the visitors is the Punta Nati Lighthouse, very close to Ciutadella, just fifteen or twenty minutes by car, you will see the sun setting over the sea, a spectacle.


Clare Louise